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Evolution Patch Notes 1.11

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MinasMorGhoul, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Pecker_Power

    Pecker_Power Hatchling

    Sigh, just attempted blue dungeon, pig caught behind pillar, could not touch it. Supposedly this bug was fixed. This has got to be the most halfassed ham fisted update I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing. Making fundamental changes, without informing the players is inexcusable. The SS change should have been front and center on the update page in the playstore. I only wasted one totem before I seen a forum post, warning about it. This company proves once again, that no matter how much, and how many things they screw up, the bar can always be set lower.
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  2. raebanrx

    raebanrx Hatchling

    Yep... some say it's better to save your gems and buy a 10x ticket. I did the same thing and only got one 3* bird
  3. BlackPolski

    BlackPolski Hatchling

    Hatch is so random that yeasterday and today I hatched 1 Ron and 1 Bette from regular tickets...( great, but already had another 2 Ron's and another Bette, lacking other 4* birds :/ ) and nothing from premium
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  4. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    No matter if the event features Claude, he's always out of my reach. No worries, eventually something will come your way even if it's not what you're looking for.
  5. Jeremy Knapp

    Jeremy Knapp Hatchling

    Is there a way to stop the pigs from stealing the level up prizes .
  6. Luke G

    Luke G Hatchling

    How many player levels is it . In the scouts at home page its only 31 levels but ur birds go past it what good are the scouts for if ur player level is 31 and also how many updates has it been to the game ive only updated one time and i found a super egg but didnt get to hatch it dnt no where the egg went to
  7. Dhishoom

    Dhishoom Hatchling

    Supper game blue birds osom
  8. Jacob I

    Jacob I Hatchling

    And Eagles mountain I've been getting ripped offyou open the door and diamond show up but they do not go to the left hand of the screen for your loot Guest 5502 GB can you explain why
  9. Jacob I

    Jacob I Hatchling

    You and I did the update and I still didn't get the loot from eagles mountain on the diamonds the little piggy did not get them game flaws guest 5502 GB
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  10. Serkan tr

    Serkan tr Hatchling

    Bu sabah 5k elmasım ve tüm evrim malzemeleriim yok oldu ... lütfen yardım edin
  11. TweetButtStomp

    TweetButtStomp Hatchling

    What does nerf mean in this instance ?? I'm a noob
  12. ashraff

    ashraff Hatchling

    how can get it
  13. Funperson

    Funperson Tiny Birdy

    During the last event I was trying to get the Dr. I used over 35 tickets and still didn't get him, but I got Claude instead. Later had to use my 10x tickets and got the Dr. So you never know, you might get him when you least expect it.
  14. Many

    Many Hatchling

  15. Bob the Janitor

    Bob the Janitor Hatchling

    Is there a reason why when leveling up, beating scout pigs, or even doing the tower, that I get no rewards? I literally just played the tower to level 15, lost a ton of diamonds, but earned a bunch too. Instead, I earned no bird and lost my ton of diamonds. If I want to be this annoyed, I'll just go back to work and stop taking breaks.
  16. Travis Hutchison

    Travis Hutchison Hatchling

    Turns out major pecker is being a major pecker and squeezing it's players for more freaking money. This game has gotten so greedy that it is literally insulting to the players. When you do the math it comes out to over 400 dollars......I repeat 400 dollars to hatch a bird that you may be searching for. I have waited for Terrence for a long time and now he is here and rovio has eliminated any chance at not having to spend money for a chance.....I repeat......a chance not an actual aquisition of the bird Terrence. Thank you for insulting our intelligence as well as ruining the several purchases that had been made prior by leaving an udder distain for this game to the point where we can no longer enjoy it. Good job rovio. Also love the new tactic of ignoring the tickets by replying if the problem hasn't fixed itself then get back to us so we can ignore you again.
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  17. Annie14

    Annie14 Tiny Birdy

    Always always always.... Take pictures of every important screen... I've learned:)
  18. Chupi

    Chupi Hatchling

    Hi is anyone facing problems with finding premium hatch tickets ? I used to find like 6 per day, now I hardly found any in 6 days
  19. Annie14

    Annie14 Tiny Birdy

    Rovio has stopped it for now. Let's see when it starts again. o_O
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  20. Cindy Melton

    Cindy Melton Hatchling

    Same here.

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