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Event points

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Meesters, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Meesters

    Meesters Hatchling

    Iam new at this game......
    Have 3200 event points.
    If i move to another clan, will those points count for the new clan, and will i earn the clan rewards?

  2. BelethS

    BelethS Hatchling

    Don't know if your individual points add to the new clans total, but you can claim their clan rewards, if you haven't already claimed from your old clan.
  3. Yes they go to the clan you join and add to their total. BUT...if you're already part of a clan, know this: you TAKE those points away from the clan when you leave. It is one of the more asinine things a player can do in this game, let alone the clan-mining that proliferates this game especially during events. I get 5 invitations a day to leave my clan to join the level 20 mega clan...and I refuse every time. I do so on principle, and it's usually reinforced when I look at their clan's ridiculous requirements.
    MUST pay 500exp/day...minimum 15k trophies...MUST activate clan egg every 15 days...NO smart bomb (seriously, I love that thing)...MUST be able to play Major Pecker (yeah THAT'S not elitist)...My own clan is level 9, just a short hop away from level 10. I started that clan with one simple notion in mind: help others have a good experience with this game. Rovio isn't going to do anything of the sort, so I'm helping the newbies out. Minimum level is set at 30, all are welcome with no invitation needed either requested or extended...and our only requirement is to go forth, slay pork, and have fun.
    The clan is growing all on it's own, and eventually it will BE the maxed-level clan with all benefits open. So you want to leave a clan to go to that greener other side? At least have the decency to throw an apology into the clan chat before you go. And yes it's a pet peeve; we're less than 200 event points away from a batch of silver tickets and someone leaves and suddenly we're over 2000 points away again. If you're currently clanless then I caution you...look well at the clan requirements before accepting an offer. I very often get people joining up in my clan that were kicked 1 week after accepting an invitation to a bigger clan because they fell short of some idiotic requirement. So yeah; always read the fine print, my friend.
    And even if you aren't part of the super high roller clan...yours is on the lower level list...if your current clan is active, and comprised of generally good people, don't leave it. Help it grow.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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  4. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    also write to the support that taking away points is BS because they just disappear. it should be like donated clan xp.

    we can make it happen just ALL of us have to write a support ticket.

    I wrote already. Did You?

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