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Ephesians Six Guild, or Search for new?

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by [Eph.6] Silver, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. [Eph.6] Silver

    [Eph.6] Silver Hatchling

    Hey everyone, started this game not too long ago, brought over some guild members from Idle Heros and created a guild for us, but they didn't like the game... so now my guild "Ephesians Six" is level 3 and I am the only person doing anything...
    If there are interested people in joining and helping grow this guild feel free to join. Otherwise I may be searching for a new active guild.

    My current team power is 13k I finish every event I've played so far. I'm just tired of missing out on more rewards. 2018-03-23 21.28.51.png 2018-03-23 21.28.23.png 2018-03-23 21.28.51.png 2018-03-23 21.28.23.png

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