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End Game Leveling Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AuburnShade, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. AuburnShade

    AuburnShade Hatchling

    I am a veteran player familiar with the leveling system and I have a question regarding end game leveling. I have multiple 4* fodder birds I have hung on to so I could use them for prestige, but when I discovered how much more efficient it was to just use prestige totems (Which are simple enough to acquire) I lost use for my 4* birds.

    However, I was thinking that maybe my 4* birds could be used to efficiently jump that level gap of 80-100 for 5* birds without using a lot of gold. Does anyone know the level a non-shiny 4* bird has to be to level up a 5* bird of the same rarity from 80 to 100? Also, how would this compare to just using multiple 1* and 2* shiny birds with one evo which is the norm? If anyone has done the math of how much mats and gold total this consumes please let me know!

  2. yabo

    yabo Hatchling

    IIRC, the math of it is 5* shiny, 4* shiny, 5*, 3*shiny, 4*, 2* shiny, 3*, 1* shiny, 2*, 1*.

    In aggregate, you're likely better off keeping them at 20 evo than bringing them up to 40, because the coin costs overall will start to get progressively prohibitive the more you feed the higher level birds. Under 20, it's a max of like 40g, I believe, for 3* per fuse, and 50g for 4*... whereas over 20 it jumps to 80-100, over 40 it's 150+, then 200g+ for level 60+ or something... in short, spending lots of little amounts vs lots of littles and a lot of bigs to make one very big bird to evolve is not worth it in the end because the sum total of XP gained would be less when you fuse that final bird into the target bird because it's never a lossless transaction.

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