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Eagle Mountain has Patterns

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nyk, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Nyk

    Nyk Super Cool Bird

    I just discovered this today. It's not random, but made up of preset patterns or preset pattern segments. I always start on the right door and move left, one door at a time until I hit floor 4. At 4, I stay on the far left door on 4, 5, and 6, before moving right on 7. On door 9, I am again at the far right where I repeat my pattern and go doors 9, 10, and 11 on the far right door before moving left again.

    In the last two weeks I have discovered that there are preset patterns in Eagle mountain and I have been able to figure out part of one of them. I don't have hard data as I don't have enough time to record every door choice. But I can say that I have begun to know exactly when I'm going to hit a pig on a few of these patterns. What that does to the overall EM pattern, I'm not sure, but there's definitely a pattern to the doors and their rewards.

    I got identical door rewards matched to the door position (starting at floor 1) for two runs where ALL 8 doors for the first 8 floors were carbon copies. On another run a few days ago, I did two back to back runs and hitting pigs on the same floors on the same door going up to floor 33 and walked with matching rewards.

    I'm putting this out there for someone, to take and run with, with a lot more time and resources. This could be solved through brute force (simple test and repeat) or machine learning, though I'm not a coder myself.

    Who knows if this will go anywhere but I definitely think there's some pattern-ization to the EM mini-game.
  2. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    If there was a pattern, it's more to do with the AI assigning values based on the last two choices you made. My run today, from what I recorded before getting interrupted and breaking concerntration went like this (from left to right)-

    L1 - Picked 4th door. 25 gold, no pig
    L2 - Picked 2nd door - 60 gold. Pig - 4th door
    L3 - Picked 1st door - 50 gold. Pig - 2nd door
    L4 - Picked 3rd door - 1 essence. Pig - 2nd door
    L5 - Picked 2nd door - 1 silver ticket.
    L6 - Picked 4th door - 1 essence. Pig 4th door

    You see in mine, alternating doors throws the AI when trying to determine my pattern, so the pig repeats a door. Usually, if I'm able to concerntrate and it's a good run, it's not unusual to see the pig repeat the same door 3 times. Now, I have tried doing left to right snd right to left, but there also seems to be a sliding scale of difficulty based on your last few wins. In the times I've had really good runs past L20 without getting hit by a pig, it seems the next few runs afterwards, the AI is more aggressive and assigns higher value to the next door in the sequence. What I mean by that is each door starts with a 25% of having a pig behind it. Within two levels, the AI can adjust itself so the last door you went through and the next in line have 40% each , for example.
  3. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    Today's sample -
    L1 - D4, 10 evo. No pig
    L2 - D2, 10 evo. Pig -D1
    L3 - D3, 20 evo. Pig - D4
    L4 - D1, 1 essence. Pig - D2
    L5 - D2, 100g. No Pig
    L6 - D4, 100g. Pig - D3
    L7 - D1, 100evo. Pig - D4
    L8 - D2, 60 evo. Pig - D4
    L9 - D3-Pig. Continued through D2, 60 evo.
    L10 - D3, 50 evo. No pig
    L11 - D1, 100g. Pig - D3
    L12 - D4, 2 essence. Pig - D1
    L13 - D3, 100g. Pig - D2
    L14 - D4, 50 evo. Pig - D3
    L15 - D3, 200g. No pig
    L16 - D2 - Pig. Continued through D2, 1 silver
  4. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Super Cool Bird

    So as the slot machines in casinos, they have patterns too. At least that what you think until you run out of $$.

    Back to EM, I usually go 2 doors away from pig location. On the 5s I go where the pig was before. There are good nights and bad nights. Unless I am very high in levels, I will stop at the 200 gems pig no matter what.
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  5. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    The only definite pattern I've noticed with EM, is that the house always wins. Eventually you'll pick a door with a pig, even if the AI has to cheat to do it :D

    My usual limit is 20 gems, unless I've got a decent amount of prizes/silver tickets. Now that they've gone back to the old 'overcome 1 level' daily, I'm seriously considering reverting to no gems unless it's L10 or higher. At least on a bad week, thats 140 free gems.
  6. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    Today's effort pretty much busts the pattern theory.

    L1 - D1, 10 evo. No pig.
    L2 - D2 - Pig. Didn't continue.
  7. Nyk

    Nyk Super Cool Bird

    There's multiple patterns. It's not gonna be the same daily or it would stupid easy to figure out the perfect run and get nothing but silvers for days.

    I didn't track mine today but got 11 silvers. It seemed like a new pattern today. I may do a second run later.
  8. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    How often do you get a pig on L2, D2, though? Even with patterns and weighted adjustments, a pig on L2 tends to sway more toward the pig being determined when you select the door. This is something that has been speculated iin previous discussions regarding EM.
  9. Nyk

    Nyk Super Cool Bird

    I get a pig on door two about once a week.

    The reason I'm saying there's patterns is because identical rewards, identical (unchosen) doors, identical pig locations, on back to back runs. It's just too coincidental.
  10. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    I'll keep tracking my results and posting them here. If you can do the same, it will give us something to compare to, small sample-size not withstanding.
  11. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    I decided to take a more structured approach to EM, basing my door choices off the last good run I had (13/10). So far, it seems repeating a door improves your odds of not getting a pig too early. However, the AI has tricks it uses to catch you. Some of the choices made by the AI seem to reflect my previous method of picking alternating odd/odd, even/even doors, so it may be possible that it does use previous EM run data to improve it's odds (hopefully not, since that wouldn't be fair in a supposed game of chance). Alternatively, and more likely, Rovio has programmed these as more likely patterns players will adopt in relation to the doors the pig appears behind.
    Results (evo - Evolution Material, ess - Evolution Essence, g - gold, si - Silver Ticket, P- Pig Thief, > - Continued to next level through door) -

    13/10 - Level 30 run, 1st pig @ L19, 2nd pig @ L26, 3rd pig @ L28
    1. D4 -10 evo ___________11. D3 - 100g. D4 - P ________ 21. D4 - 200 evo. D2 - P
    2. D4-10 evo. D3-P ______ 12. D2 - 50 evo. D3 - P ______ 22. D4 - 300g. D2 - P
    3. D2-50 g. D1-P ________ 13. D4 - 50ev. D1 - P _______ 23. D1 - 150g. D3 - P
    4. D4 - 1 es. D2-P _______ 14. D4 - 50 evo. D3 - P ______ 24. D1 - 150g. D4 - P
    5. D4 - 1 si. ___________ 15. D4 - 1 si. ______________ 25. D1 - 200g
    6. D1 - 100g. D2-P ______ 16. D3 - 150g. D1 - P _______ 26. D3 - P. > D1 - 100 evo.
    7. D1 - 60 evo. D3-P _____ 17. D2 - 150g. D3 - P _______ 27. D2 - 3 ess. D4 - P
    8. D2 -100g. D1-P _______ 18. D2 - 2 si. D3 - P ________ 28. D2 - P. > D1 - 1 si.
    9. D3 - 3 ess. D2-P ______ 19. D1 - P. > D2 - 150g _____ 29. D4 - 150g. D1 - P
    10. D3 - 3ess ___________ 20. D2 - 5 es. _____________ 30. D4 - 4 ess.

    14/10 - L17 run, 1st pig @ L16, 2nd pig @ L18
    1. D4 - 50g. ____________ 11. D2 - 50 evo. D1 - P
    2. D4 - 1 ess. D3 - P _____ 12. D3 - 50 evo. D1 - P
    3. D2 - 20 evo. D4 - P ____ 13. D4 - 2 ess. D3 - P
    4. D2 - 1 ess. D4 - P _____ 14. D2 - 2 ess. D1- P
    5. D2 - 1 si. ____________ 15. D2 - 3 ess.
    6. D1 - 30 evo. D4 - P ____16. D2 - P. > D1 - 6 ess.
    7. D1 - 1 si. D1 - P ______ 17. D4 - P. > D2. 75 evo.
    8. D4 - 1 si. D1- P
    9. D2 - 2 si. D3 -P
    10. D2 - 50 ev.

    15/10 - L15 run, 1st pig @ L8, 2nd pig @ L13. Odd run, as 2x bonuses were being awarded on the first instance of a prize, instead of subsequent as they normally do.
    1. D4 - 50g (25g/2x bonus) ____________ 11. D2 - 50 evo (no bonus). D3 - P
    2. D4 - 1 ess. D3 -P __________________ 12. D3 - 100g (no bonus). D1 - P
    3. D2 - 60 evo (30evo/2x bonus). D3- P __ 13. D4 - P. > D3 - 1 si.
    4. D2 - 100g. (50g/2x bonus). D1 -P _____ 14. D2 - 2 ess (no bonus)
    5. D2 - 100g (no bonus) _______________ 15. D2 -1 si.
    6. D1 - 30 evo (no bonus). D2. P
    7. D1 - 30 evo (no bonus). D4 -P
    8. D4 - P. > D1 - 1 si.
    9. D2 - 30 evo (no bonus). D3 -P.
    10. D2 - 50 evo (no bonus).
  12. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    4Today's effort was quite short. Pig on L3 after following the same pattern as the last few days. Gem shortage and lack of decent prizes made abandoning the run the more economical approach

    D4 - 20 ess.
    D4 - 60g. D1 - P
    D2 - P

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