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During the event 250 how?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mojns, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Mojns

    Mojns Tiny Birdy

    How is ppl supposed to get the 250? Do anyone know If you can still get the stuff during the 24 hours after event when the event is still possible to claim and get the event bird?
  2. شMunoziش

    شMunoziش Tiny Birdy

    When you reach the 250 fragments you do not receive the event bird. What you do get is a X10 ticket which is better than before since it was 10 single tickets.
  3. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    If your question is "can we still get the fragments in the 24 hours grace period (after the event)?". Then the answer is no, sadly.
  4. Mojns

    Mojns Tiny Birdy

    That was the question yeah, hmm then the 250 is almost impossible If you dont win both stages
  5. Carlito Cherrone

    Carlito Cherrone Tiny Birdy

    Right now im at 140, im in 1st so ill recieve another 50, but unfortunately i dont think i will make 250 this week for the 1st time since i started playing. With the updates to the scouts it will be next to impossible to get the 10x ticket. It is possible if you spend money and gems on your scouts, but it would not be a wise decision because you are paying an overpriced amount for a cheap reward. With that said, I think they will have to rebalance scouts yet again, or rebalance the amount of time it takes for fragments to spawn on the map. When events come, I usually slave til they are over and its a shame knowing I will be short. Just another marketing ploy in my opinion. Hopefully, nobody spends trying to get that 10x ticket because its not worth more than a 150 diamond refresh or 2. If its not acheivable by means of play, but pay, doesnt sit right with me. You should have some reasonable way to achieve this while being able to sleep more than a few hrs.

    In the end I think this will be looked into when people start falling short of the goal. I have faith! It is a money driven game that plays off of emotion, but, there has to be some slack given somewhere!
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  6. Mojns

    Mojns Tiny Birdy

    Im looking at it from the point that If i can get it for 900 diamonds or less Its worth it, sinze Its a 10x ticket and not 10 small ones, so Its worth 1350 :)
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  7. Carlito Cherrone

    Carlito Cherrone Tiny Birdy

    True enough, 7 scout refreshes
  8. ADBjester

    ADBjester Tiny Birdy

    What's wrong with winning both stages? I do....

  9. ADBjester

    ADBjester Tiny Birdy

    With 41 hours to go, I have 152 artifacts, and a 2500 token lead over 2nd place. I expect to win 50 artifacts in the player challenge, giving me 202. I only need collect 48 artifacts in 41 hours. I'll get most of those from scouts, some from random placements, and if I'm an artifact or two short, I have berries (earned / awarded, not purchased) and/or gems (about 4400, also none purchased) queued up to replenish scouts to make it. Not a dime spent.

    What's the problem?

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  10. Mommabird2

    Mommabird2 Super Cool Bird

    250 is not impossible if you play regularly. It used to be 350 now that was impossible
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  11. Terrence

    Terrence Super Cool Bird

    I was worried with the scout glitch fix at first. This is the first event without exploiting on the glitch.

    I have now 175 black fragments. I started the event with around 23-24 berries, am left with 17 at the current moment. I refreshed my scouts once using gems.

    Current mini event I am leading my team...and even if I finish second with 40 frags, I am confident of getting the x10 premium ticket.

    Saying all this, my point here is a simple one, u DON'T have to spend a dime to get the rewards. U just need to play very hard including sacrificing some sleep. The top event rewards as Rovio has said before, is meant to reward legit grinders that plays very hard. Those that ain't playing hard enough can choose to pay to get the final reward.

    Every event there will be people complaining how hard it is to get the final reward...common...its meant to be hard.

    I apologise for being blunt in my reply...
  12. Mojns

    Mojns Tiny Birdy

    Also sinze this event started i have had 2 10x, and one 2 days after the probotnik event, so 3 in less then 2 weeks, is that normal?
  13. Terrence

    Terrence Super Cool Bird

    very lucky indeed...since the beginning (lvl 105 now), i only seen 1 x10 ticket popped.
  14. MightyRed

    MightyRed Tiny Birdy

    To reach 250 fragments, you just have to maximize your scouts by not missing a single hour, finish 1st in the events, and even buy some energy for your scouts using gems. You might think that using gems to reach a x10 ticket that's valued at 1350 gems is not worth it, but it is - when you spend those 1350 tickets on scouts, not only will you reach the 250 fragment mark, but you'll also get plenty of resources (including Premium and x10 Tickets) for doing all those pig battles (spending gems on scouts is even more efficient when you have the Clan Scout active).
  15. ADBjester

    ADBjester Tiny Birdy

    Note that some calculations regarding this fail to take into account free berries for watching videos. You get one of those every day, and with a major event every 2-3 weeks, it is trivial to save up berries and not have to buy them. Between the 20-ish berries you get for watching videos, and the handful that are awarded from scouts, there are easily enough turns to reach 250 without spending a dime, or even any gems.

    21 hours to go, and I have 182 fragments, and am in first place by a country mile (I've even stopped collecting tokens to focus on regular scout missions, for more level-ups). Assuming I miss only 6 turns while sleeping, and that I find 8 of ten random popups, I'll have 205 fragments when I'm awarded the 50 fragments for first. I still have 19 berries (awarded, not purchased) in reserve should they be needed.

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  16. Grumpychef25

    Grumpychef25 Hatchling

    True dat, I'm at 185 with 11 berries left. Like you I am lapping the field for the extra 50 award, somehow I was placed in a league with no one over 29, my level is 72, doing insane missions, I don't think anyone was over 6500 in my league, not fair to them.
  17. Picto

    Picto Hatchling

    Whilst it's doable I do feel that to fully complete the event, even when you get 1st in both (which is hard for a fair few people to do) it's still pretty tricky to get to 250. I'm going to have to blow all my berries and a couple of refreshes and I lucked out with 2 easy groups to get to 50 both times. It doesn't seem very casual friendly and it's not like the reward is absolutely amazing. Add in the pvp changes and it's becoming harder to actually achieve anything unless you're glued to your phone, which will start putting more and more people off.
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  18. Papu

    Papu Tiny Birdy

    I see its pretty much impossible to normal play rates ( not waking up during nights) and not buying berries to win the phases... 1st phase used 25 saved berries for 2nd place and even i had 25 for 2nd i still wouldnt win this.. so ill get about 20-30 short since no sense to use gems to get last few cos its so many this time
  19. Stakes

    Stakes Tiny Birdy

    If some extra fragments don't start showing up randomly on the map, I will miss it by about 8 or 9.
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  20. Mojns

    Mojns Tiny Birdy

    First stage i was 3k points ahead of second with 30 min to go, endes up second cuz that guy was spending hard last 30 min aparently :/ wish they capped it with 1 hour left or some so you can only use hits you have and not buy any

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