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Did not get event reward

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by namless01, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. namless01

    namless01 Hatchling

    As title says, i did not get my event reward. This is a common issue, i'm used to it but today i got nothing. Restarted the game, changed camp - main screen etc but reward did not pop up. Similar problem always happens at the end of the week, pvp rewards. I always need to restart my game in order to get my reward, if i don't do it game directs me pvp match that should be finished already.

    There are several bugs/issues tho:
    On event matches, sometimes when you hit the pig it goes out of the map = out of the range = auto loss. (have screenshots about this, it happened on previous event(s))
    On event matches, sometimes on higher levels tiny pig shots drain my health bar 50%.
    On PVP matches, pig(s) that should be died on previous round (they laterally have 0 health) was still alive and it dies to next round which hurts my or other players health bar.
    Not a bug but game needs an update about getting better performance (lags out, better ram usage; like it sometimes uses 800mb of ram which causes lag-freezing).
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