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Derpderp (lvl 22) in TOP50 world rank - six slots open

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Janne Suvanto, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Janne Suvanto

    Janne Suvanto Hatchling

    Recently a few of our members moved to lower level clans to keep up with the pace better. We wish them all the best and great time in their new homes. Now we are looking for six new members to join us.

    We are NOT a event based clan because we always win and get the full prices anyway. We also take care of our members as a family and you will not be kicked after event.

    - Are you a communicating and active daily player?
    - Is your weekly PVP (arena) trophy score over 10k?
    - Can you donate 500 coins and 30-40 gems* to your clan per day?
    - Do you want the best side services in the game with friendly team mates?
    - Is your goal to be a member in a clan which will reach world rank #1

    (* you will easily get way more than that collected from clan rewards)

    If you said five times yes you should join us. ;)

    Please check our full clan rules in Discord by the following link and leave us a message there if you want to apply for membership. Welcome!


    - Puna and the awesome Derpderp team - :)
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  2. Ikwachi

    Ikwachi Hatchling

    I have been a member of this awesome clan for months and though I continue to get invites from top five clans in the game I will never accept any of them. I know Derpderp is the best clan in the game because of its incredible members and some day soon we will be in the top five. Already at #36 worldwide last week.
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  3. Janne Suvanto

    Janne Suvanto Hatchling

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