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Dear Rovio: Latest PVP Changes are BAD :/

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vexim, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Vexim

    Vexim Moderator

    Dear Rovio,
    I don't want to make another post complaining about the recent adjustments in PVP, but honestly, this feels like a big step backward.
    Basically, the latest changes discourage, not just the top players, but everyone in the game to play arena... I'll try to go step by step how
    the latest changes might have a negative impact on the players and what could be done to reverse it:

    1) New PVP Divisions/Rewards: Since the addition of a new tier of every division the increasing difficulty to climb the ladder is something to be expected.
    There is nothing wrong with that. Players will get drafted with opponents who have similar power and commitment (that's great), it keeps the arena challenging and fun.
    BUT, if you increase the difficulty by adding new divisions and making it more challenging, why wouldn't you increase the rewards!?
    We are basically playing more for "less". The top spot rewards are, to be honest, rather poor.
    Consider increasing the number of gems, tossing a couple of premium tickets, 4* eggs, or something that will actually encourage players to compete.
    2) Removing Prestige Totems for Anger Totems: WHY!? How is this a good idea in the Champion tier?
    WE NEED those totems to upgrade Prestige birds...
    Anger Totems as rewards = angry players... I dont see how this has a fix unless:
    a) Bring back Prestige totems for Anger Totems in upper divisions (Diamond/Champion)
    b) ADD Prestige Totems as rewards together with Anger Totems. (Hey! It could actually better than before :))
    c) Allow players in high divisions/later stages of the game, to aquire prestige totems more reliably.
    3) Bonus Gems Cap: This isnt a recent change but I still feel it needs adressing. Why place a cap at all!? After reaching 8k points the only incentive to play matches are to get keys, and if you feel like it, compete for the 1st spot.
    After i reached 10k last week, my motivation to push myself further was zero...why would I bother with it? My suggestion would be to remove this cap and allow players to test themselves and try to aim for higher goals each week. Keeps the game interesting and challenging...not dull and repetitive. After all, there IS a soft cap... Time. Even if you make it to 20k points (which is insane), you would need at least SIX and a half hours JUST playing PVP (assuming you win 800 pvp matches of 30 seconds and an average of 25 pts per win).

    Im currently in Champion I and after the last changes, my only motivation to play arena are dungeons Keys.
    Won't even bother chasing the top spots which will require around 15k points to compete for what? 500 gems?.
    I will play the least possible amounts of matches to evolve my birds. After that, I won't even bother opening the PVP tab.
    Please, consider making some changes. After all, we want this game to be awesome and you've probably worked your asses off to make it happen.

    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  2. Barremito

    Barremito Tiny Birdy

    I agree with everything
  3. Vortexbam

    Vortexbam Hatchling

    Agreed. Even at a low to mod tier, I believe the rewards need to be better. Premium Hatch tickets? Evolve Material? More gems?

    Something. Some of us put a lot of money into this game, we need some return, right?
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  4. Nomo

    Nomo Hatchling

    angry totems are the same as a few low level birds. Totally useless.
    There is no point in playing pvp. Especially as a high level.
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  5. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    100% agree~
  6. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    Well said.... And I didnt even think that 8000cap still was there. Silly...
  7. Bribri79

    Bribri79 Tiny Birdy

    Agreed. Yes I understand the changes were made to make the opponents more balanced and to aid the newer players, but the rewards do not translate. I have 0 incentive to compete. 500 diamonds and fodder in the top league. For hardly any sleep and longer fights. How's about a mystery 4/5* egg for top 3, or a level 50 pass to eagle mountain. Reduce the price for extra pvp fights, make the prizes better, and then see how it reflects with revenue. But, if you want minimum fuss just change to prestige totems... or push the boat out and create something more useful for the more advanced players (change evolution totem, or pvp boost totem, or double evo mats boost for 24 hours). All just ideas. But certainly, review the current rewards. Please.
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  8. ryz

    ryz Tiny Birdy Staff Member

    Hey Vex, thanks for your thoughts!

    1) We're monitoring player amount per league closely, including the rewards they get. Don't forget that you get the rewards of your league/division EVERY week. We'll consider the feedback and will adjust rewards accordingly if we feel the need to do so.

    2) This is a bug, you should DEFINITELY be getting prestige totems for the upper ranks in both diamond and champion's leagues. Will be fixed before the week ends.

    3) We're thinking about how we're going to expand the bonus gems cap - we have some bigger plans for the 8k+ ranges in PVP down the road.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  9. Hawnk

    Hawnk Hatchling

    Agree with everything... It's getting more boring and unfair.
    Also, now we need to spend more time playing pvp and the reward didn't increase. Not only we get 1 key per match, that should be 2 considering the increased time, the reward for top tier it's the same.
    2000+ league -> 500 diamonds... oh let's change it... 7000+ league -> 500 diamonds. Don't make any sense at all

    Also I think u guys should increase the max scouts numbers or at least decrease the time between them. These actions are just making most players open the game less and less
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  10. Vexim

    Vexim Moderator

    @ryz thanks for the reply, I'm glad that the totems are geting addressed. Im certainly looking forward to future updates.
    Untill them I doubt I'll participate actively in pvp as I have done in the past.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  11. Mommabird2

    Mommabird2 Super Cool Bird

    Well said Vexim! I couldn't have said it better myself!
  12. Shirley Bennett

    Shirley Bennett Hatchling

    I agree as it is now impossible to win in the arena in the champions divisions for those in the medium categories of bird power.
  13. RockBird

    RockBird Tiny Birdy

    My general feeling is that I went from consistently being top 2 in my grouping to being lucky to have the 14th rank. I can't be on the game all day, and would prefer to not feel punished for being strong enough to make it to the top bracket. I grant this is the first week after the change and that there will be a few weeks of transition as the waters settle. All the same, this change doesn't seem fully thought out. I don't know what factors determine groupings but I hope they aren't 100% random.

    To be clear, I am very much a "wait and see" type of person. That in mind, if the current experience in the Arena is what we should expect long term (long term from a daily player perspective, not app development perspective) then the game is made considerably worse due to this change.
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  14. Phorx

    Phorx Tiny Birdy

    Totally agree
  15. Aphres

    Aphres Hatchling

    I Also think that the PVP is awful but have something totally different to say......
    Reward, of course is the more the better yet it doesn't matter for me. Totems are quite easy to get from eggs and i never feel lacking of them.
    Just want to ask where the h*** is the “well balanced”?
    Weakening pigs never means good balance. I have a 30K pow team but most likely can't even hurt opponents that have Claud. Facing that disgusting red bird my Yellows are nothing but some lovely yellow jokes. The pigs are so weak that any silly shots by AI can easily kill all of them and suck back the HP. The situation is even worse in the 3 pigs battles.
    teams with Claud V.S. teams with Claud= 2 teams of vampires suck blood from each other=endless battle
    teams without Claud V.S. teams with Claud=sheeps V.S. vampires
    I don't mean that bird needs to be weakened because i know many players spend a lot chasing it for its ability, but we also spend the same among for other 5*s. I know few people will speak for me as you guys nine of ten have that bird. When bullying low level players or players who does't have Claud becomes the only way to win, how can one get fun?As a result of that I would just think only Claud event is valuable. Bomb? Why do i need him?
    Pls, make some changes. Don't let other 5*s worthless.
  16. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    agreed, 2 words to describe the current pvp system, i.e. waste time
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  17. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Motherflocker

    I totally agree with everything Vexim said.
  18. Terrence

    Terrence Super Cool Bird

    Just wondering, do u have Claude in your 30k pow team?
  19. Vexim

    Vexim Moderator

    I believe he does not, otherwise he wouldn't mention how op Claude opponents are. And to be fair, he's got a point. I recently got Claude and no matter how bad I play against a "Claudeless" opponent, I don't lose. The HP gain is too high. And yeah, Claude vs Claude is very boring.
  20. Terrence

    Terrence Super Cool Bird

    I was giving him the benefit of doubt. Having Claudes on both side of the camps just makes it more interesting to me. U have to really think a little bit more who to launch in your team and the game is generally won base on how u take out the ! Pigs. So in this aspect, I feel it's okay. Rovio can nerf Claude and the nerf can be retroactive. Is that what we want? Claude is the only bird that has healing ability in the whole set up of the game.

    Back to the initial topic of the rewards system in Arena...its really bad now, completely in shambles. It's not funny to be grinding over 18k trophies and yet get 500gems. We should be looking at 1k to 2k reward for those getting top scores in champions league 1. The developers should play their own champions league 1 and have a feel how tremendously difficult to out score everyone when almost every one in champions league 1 is top active players with over 30k bird power.
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