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Current event birds??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VeronicaVaughnV, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    • (First let me say that I DO realize that you can hatch a "non-event" 4 or 5 star bird when using the multiplier).
    What disappoints me is that all the birds shown as event birds (the pictures next to the gold egg multiplier) are only 4 star birds. This means that if you get one of these birds (all of which I already have or don't want) the multiplier goes all the way back down to one. Why exactly would Rovio not put a single 5 star bird as an event bird this time?
    I keep reading about Matilda coming up in the next event and I am wondering if she is part of this group of event birds that just isn't showing up for me, or if her event won't start until this one ends? I don't want to waste my precious hoarded tickets on any of the 4 star "good girl birds" shown but I also don't want to miss my chance to get Matilda.... Can anyone tell me if she is part of the current event multiplier?
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  2. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

    We think Matilda will be next event. I am not using any of my tickets in this event unless my single golden tickets get above 20. I have 3 x10 sitting and waiting for Matilda.
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  3. Prince Playboy

    Prince Playboy Super Cool Bird

    In my case as a collector, I just wanted to get Bette, so i used 1 x10 ticket, 20 single hatch premium tickets, and 2700gems... lol

    So I got what I wanted, plus 2 jimmys, 1 ron, 1 carson (yey!) , 2 kawolskis, and 1 el gigante.
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