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Critical server error

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by drbatookhan, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. drbatookhan

    drbatookhan Hatchling

    Anyone else having this error lately?
    Cant play arena pvp matches anymore..coz i losing trophies despite i win all of them coz of this server error right after the battle ends and when the victory sign shows up..
    Rest game is working fine.. only this error comes up when i play battles in arena..
    Event battles are working fine as well..
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  2. Mommabird2

    Mommabird2 Super Cool Bird

    Yes I am getting the very same message and have lost over 40 trophies despite winning each battle! Really pissing me off now!

    @QueenElsa please can we get some info on this? What's going on? Is it being sorted?
  3. Mommabird2

    Mommabird2 Super Cool Bird


    @QueenElsa , as you can see it says victory and yet, I lost 17 trophies!!!!
  4. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    According to QueenElsa on discord, you guys are apparently part of another lovely ABE A/B Testing group where it looks like they are testing some things in arena. According to her, they stopped the testing I think, so you should be able to restart your app to clear the issue up (I think)
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  5. drbatookhan

    drbatookhan Hatchling

    Issue has been solved for me...check yours..
    Thanks all for replying to the issue.
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