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Costs for Prestige level?

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by Kris1359, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Kris1359

    Kris1359 Hatchling

    Does anyone know how many coins and gold totems does it takes to get a 5* bird from level 100 to Prestige 5?
  2. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    6853DC18-F0C9-456D-BA7F-2FBBCED3B018.png It depends on things like if you do it on the birds color xp day, and your clan xp. I was gonna write it all out but it is explained in the guide already how much each totem is... sometimes you need 2 totems per level, sometimes 3... all added up I don’t remember exactly, but it’s ALOT of coins...
  3. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    18 thousand to get chuck from P4 to P5 maxed and 4 totems 2applied on yellow day

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