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completely off-topic

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by mastercardforlife, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. mastercardforlife

    mastercardforlife Hatchling

    hey guys, i just want to find a game that i have played for long a go. its gameplay is similar to that of candy crush but you can also buit and decorate your hourse with you. player controls an oldman to play the game. thanks in advance!
  2. diggingindeep25

    diggingindeep25 Hatchling

    look like you are looking for home escape. i played it once, great game, you have a house to clean and play, and you have to play a game to unlock new area of the game is that's right?
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  3. mastercardforlife

    mastercardforlife Hatchling

    i search on playstore but couldnot find it. are you sure it's the name of the game? i have already searched in other sites apkpure, apknite,etc but no result
  4. canadianblack

    canadianblack Hatchling

    it's homescape bro. not home escape.
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