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Cochon de Lait Is Recruiting

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Nyko, May 6, 2019.

  1. Nyko

    Nyko Hatchling

    Hi everyone! We're currently recruiting for our group, Cochon de Lait. Our requirements are pretty minimal for the most part.

    About Us: We are an active and friendly clan. Currently, we're at Lvl 22. We get all MPDC and event rewards each week. Right now we have 12 open slots due to having to boot some members who didn't adhere to the basic clan requirements. Although we don't like to boot people, we do so as needed. Our main focus is keeping things fair for ALL of our members which means, we're all expected to pull our weight to collect our weekly and event rewards :).

    Be ACTIVE (we do sweeps and anyone inactive after 2 days is booted...unless you let us know ahead of time via forum or our line group)

    XP contribution is a must. (Contribute to clan + MPDC the amount required by Daily Tasks)
    We're willing to wait until the first day of events (Wed) for our members to make their 1st xp contribution due to how the previous event may have depleted coin/diamond resources. However, if by Thurs morning no contribution has been made, members will be removed. (Reminders are posted all the way up til the last moment).

    Participation in events is a must. Even if you just quick battle because you can't get further....DOOO that :).

    Think you may be a fit? Pm me or look us up on the game. We'd love to have you :)
  2. Plumbcrazybirds

    Plumbcrazybirds Hatchling

    Hiya Nyk, It's me plumb! I'm having issues with my game! That's why I haven't been on..I keep getting Angry Birds Evolution needs access to the file system in order to run properly! I'm going into surgery tomorrow was hoping to fix it! Miss you guys and my game! Have any advice? Can you run it by our other fellow clan members desperate to fix..Please don't kick me I will be back as soon as I can!
    Nyko likes this.
  3. Nyko

    Nyko Hatchling

    Aww Plumb. Miss you, too! Wouldn't dream of kicking you. I knew if you weren't areound, there had to be a reason. I'll let the others know you'll be back when you can. I hope your surgery goes well. You take all the time you need to heal and rest. Your spot isn't going anywhere :). I'll also ask for suggestions on how to help fix your game issue. We have to get you into our line group somehow. Until then, I'll check here.

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