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Clan Sassyfras wants you!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Carol Kendall, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Carol Kendall

    Carol Kendall Hatchling

    Clan requirements. Lev 40 but can be adjusted at my discretion. Pm me in FB to give me team info.
    1. Be active. Especially during events.
    2. Contribute to perks (benefits) health, bomb, egg, scout
    3. Donate to 60 xp daily
    4. Clan Sassyfras discord server

    Last but not least, HAVE FUN, we are very active for a growing clan. Level 18. We help each other and do chat. If you're new to the game we will help.
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  2. Carol Kendall

    Carol Kendall Hatchling

    Thank you.
  3. Carol Kendall

    Carol Kendall Hatchling

    With the new update our requirement have changed. As a clan member you are now required to join discord. Address will be given to you. You must be lev 40-60 put in request. Or leave your Facebook name here and I'll instant message you. We have a few positions left as we've had several members to join. We are now a level 18. Everyone is active gives xp donations and contributes to pers. we have fun and are a chatty friendly group.
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