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Clan level 16. Almost 17! Destroyers85

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Keimpe1983, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Keimpe1983

    Keimpe1983 Tiny Birdy

    We have 5 open spots again. Just Got in top 25

    Be active And do the daily challanges each day. Do the new snout challanges.
    Download Line app And Make an account. We have a group chat And All players are in. We All benefit. Always extra scout And clan egg running. The people Who are in are together from start. New spots are Always directly Occupied. We Always win event first spot after one day. Activity checked weekly

    Add me on line. Keimpe1983
    Or Apply Destroyers85
  2. KANES

    KANES Hatchling

    KANES sent you a message on line.
  3. Satria Piningit

    Satria Piningit Hatchling

    Bump ! :)

    We are now Clan lv. 16
    We have 1 slot free.
    Join us, work together as team and achieving event rewards.
  4. Keimpe1983

    Keimpe1983 Tiny Birdy

    Recruiting again. We have 2 spots. And Almost 5 more
    Active players.
    We have a group chat with All members through Line app.
    Clan egg Always running And extra scout Also.
    Send me a message or add me on Line app
  5. Sebastian72

    Sebastian72 Hatchling

    do you have a free spot now? i am extremely active playing often each day. level 78 now started during eddie helloween event
  6. Keimpe1983

    Keimpe1983 Tiny Birdy

    Yes I have one open spot. Add me in Line app.
  7. Sebastian72

    Sebastian72 Hatchling

    i am on road will do it asap when home. i cant apply to clan as it says my level is to low, my player name is sebastian can you send an invite ?
  8. Sebastian72

    Sebastian72 Hatchling

    applied :) just downloading line app
  9. Keimpe1983

    Keimpe1983 Tiny Birdy

    Good to have you here.

    We have 3 more open spots.
    Add me on Line

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