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Clan Chat lose Message

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Berserker149, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Berserker149

    Berserker149 Hatchling

    Me and my wide are at The Same Clan.
    So she send a Massage and The anwser Form The Clan member is Not logged in her Massages. In my massages ist The answer visibile.

    If usefull i have Screenshots.

    At Mayor Stecher Freezers The game by leaving a Burning bomb on The field.
  2. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Super Cool Bird

    This is a problem in my chat also..unfortunately the chat is not very reliable. Thats why alot of clans use a seperate chat app for clans.
  3. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    iPad seems to be better with the chat when compares to Android. On my Samsung S8 I only see bits and pieces but son's iPad sees all the chats. Given I am the clan leader, we started using FB Group and Skype.

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