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Clan at level 22 is looking for a rookie

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Mighty Wings, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Mighty Wings

    Mighty Wings Tiny Birdy

    Hi! Coo coos Clan is recruiting a rookie right Now, who is ambitious!
    Clan level 22, at the arena we are #162.
    We finish every event.
    And the best: there are no clan rules! Just be active (or tell us before you are planning to be offline for a few days) and contribute from time to time (at least once or twice in a week). That’s it. No discord, no limits, no maximum rank... we are just having fun together, playing the game as a team.

    Interested? The just give me a Note!

    Mighty Wings
  2. Rando

    Rando Super Cool Bird

    Hi, can you invite me...i started 15 days back and reached level 56...6310 trophies now...i started with master bomb event and reached level 77 (23k event points), master LB Event level 72 (14k points) and now level 73 (10.5k points and will progress further)

    I contribute to clan weekly 500 xp...and mpdc, events...

    My clan is not helping in the events now and hence
    Please send Me an invitation if interested

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