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Cannot Connect to Server AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Godolfin, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Godolfin

    Godolfin Hatchling

    Why does it seem like every time there is an event there is server issues??? Once again I'm getting the server error message. Two days now and I can't get on.
  2. Godolfin

    Godolfin Hatchling

    Rovio tried to tell me that it was my wifi. I have an awesome connection so that is not the problem. Now the event is over and what a surprise the game is working just fine now.

    BOBSWENCH Hatchling

    Same here...and it's not my router or provider. Spend scouts to find battles and then the fight won't load and I get a "can't connect to server, please reload" response. After I do, the pig is no longer there and I never got to play the fight!

    Now I'm getting "critical server error" messages. Pretty sure that's not my WI-FI!
  4. Martin Smith

    Martin Smith Hatchling

    For almost 24hrs I have been unable to log on to the server. Just keep getting the message ""Critical server error - please restart the app!" Rovio, it's not my wi-fi. It's your server. Please sort it.

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