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bug when viewing some partner product video

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by HALTER, Jan 4, 2018.


    HALTER Hatchling

    Bonjour ,

    Titulaire d'un samsung S8+ avec le jeu ANGRY BIRDS EVOLUTION installé dessus
    Le jeu dans sa globalité est excellent
    Mais il subsiste un bug lors des visionnages de certain video publicitaire de produit partenaire tel que (KING OF AVALON,INVASION)lors de l'ouverture de coffres ou éclosion ou récupération d'un éclaireur, une fois le visionnage arrivé a son terme retour sur l'écran de jeu ABE initial la le jeu est gelé ,figée plus moyen de poursuivre et d'obtenir quoi que ce soit ,
    Fermeture et redémarrage du jeu
    Il me faut entre 10 a 20 visionnage de video pour qu'enfin une fonctionne et me permette d'obtenir les différents objets et oiseaux prévus,
    Auriez vous une solution

    google TRANSLATE

    Hello ,

    Holds a samsung S8 + with the game ANGRY BIRDS EVOLUTION installed on it
    The game in its entirety is excellent
    But there is still a bug when viewing some partner product video such as (KING OF AVALON,INVASION ) when opening chests or hatching or scout recovery, once the viewing has come to its end back on the game screen Initial ABE the game is frozen, frozen more way to pursue and get anything,
    Closing and restarting the game 4
    I need between 10 to 20 video watching so that finally one works and allows me to get the different objects and birds provided,
    Would you have a solution
  2. Ninja Kitty Kay

    Ninja Kitty Kay Hatchling

    I have had this same issue. I have messaged support and they did NOTHING to fix the problem. They simply put blame on my end, poor service/wifi. It doesn't matter where I play, I always have the issue. And they told me to do the things I've already done like cleanout my cookies, delete and reinstall game etc. Nothing worked and months later I'm still having issues. As far as I'm concerned, their support Dept sucks giant donkey balls. It also took them over a week to get back to me at any point. I would msg them many times with no response and in the end, no fix.
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  3. BelethS

    BelethS Hatchling

    Got same issue, for like 1 and half week ago. Most video rewards won't work, game simply restarts.
    It's affecting the free chance at golden eggs, the extra scout via watching a video, and most reward chests on map. Mostly everyhing that is ad to other apps, the few videos that are comercial ads are still working.

    Lost like 7 free golden eggs by now. But meh...

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