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Bonus Gem Arena Bug?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Lotusroot, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Lotusroot

    Lotusroot Hatchling

    Hi, I have been playing this game for a total of 3 weeks now and I believe I have encountered a bug or miscalculation of the bonus gems from arena rewarded to me in 2 consecutive weeks. I understand that the bonus gems is lifetime best trophy score minus the previous lifetime best trophy score.

    When I first started playing the first week I got approximately 200 trophies, the following week I got 1300, but I only received about 600 bonus gems, shouldn't I receive a total of 1100?
    I was then placed into Silver 1 (1250-1500) league, my lifetime best was 1300 at this week. The following week I got 5200 trophies but I only got about 3450 instead of 3900. I remember the reward screen showing me that it subtracted 1750 from 5200 to calculate my bonus gems. That would mean the system thinks my Lifetime best score was 1750, which isn't possible since I was in silver 1 league for the week (1250-1500).

    If anyone can help me out with this issue it would be greatly appreciated as I believe I am missing close to 1000 bonus gems, thanks!
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  2. galdio

    galdio Hatchling

    same thing happened to me. i scored 17k++ last week, my previous score was 15k++, and you know what, i only got 1 bonus gem for getting new best score (+500 gems for achieving the first place).
  3. Lotusroot

    Lotusroot Hatchling

    hmm I don't think that's quite the same because there is a cap on the bonus at 15k score
  4. Pigdragon

    Pigdragon Hatchling

    2 weeks ago I have got about 15000 and then last week I severely play on arena until I got 20404 best score.
    But when take reward from arena I only got one gem.
    That's mean I lost 5000 gems for free and didn't take a photo for proof because I just realize after I look at my gem.
  5. Agentjoseph

    Agentjoseph Tiny Birdy

    I took a before and after for proof this week. I went from 12,000 to 17000 but only got rewarded 2831. I hope it’s a bug and we are rewarded otherwise ripped off thousands of gems
  6. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    You get gems only until 15k, after that - no bonus gems
  7. Pigdragon

    Pigdragon Hatchling

    Where did you get this information ?
    I just really want to know.
  8. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    Well - read forum. It's a common knowledge. People after 15k do PVP only to show off and gather some keys to earn evolution materials.

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