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Bluemoon Incubator Clan: Baby Bluemoon

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Piggskinner, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Piggskinner

    Piggskinner Hatchling

    Top clan Bluemoon has spawned a child! Our brand new baby clan is now recruiting!

    It is already Level 5 and aspires to grow fast. It's run by Bluemoon's founder @RyogaDyana (Bluemoon) This is our own - so to speak - incubator that will provide advisory & mentorship, a place to meet with Bluemoon's higher level players that are resting there from time to time or coming in and out for donations, a place to grow with the prospect its hatchlings to join the big brother. It is open, anyone level 80+ can join. Come on over and share some gaming fun! Plz Pm me if interested.

    Mr. Boombastic - Co-leader: Baby Bluemoon
  2. Frans

    Frans Hatchling

    Im active, level 107, trophies 12.463, team power 31.658
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  3. Piggskinner

    Piggskinner Hatchling

    Are you still interested?
  4. Dipsack

    Dipsack Hatchling

    Still recruiting?

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