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Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Maria, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Maria

    Maria Hatchling

    Bluemoon Clan, long capped at 50 members, is now actively growing its ranks with the intention to push and be again No1 in the world.
    We did it last week!!
    We want to do it again! ;)
    Hence, we are looking for active dedicated members who want to take their game to the highest level to join our clans:
    We treat this clans as being an extension of the main clan and this means we *all* get the event prizes when required. We believe this is how we build strength and loyalty.
    BLUEMOON II is actively looking for members that can score a min of 20k.
    BLUEMOON III is actively looking for member that can score a min of 15k.
    BLUEMOON IV min 10k.
    Any member that feels has potential or wants to be active a certain week can jump into main clan. Any member that cannot be active for a period of time can rest in our Bluemoon IV clan. There is no kicking but shifting players according to their needs.
    All clans are very organized and share a common Facebook group and Discord channel which is a must as we share everything there.
    We are an international team of players all very friendly and communicative!
    We love to share fun, gaming or otherwise!
    Players interested in joining us either: join our Discord https://discord.gg/AgMFnyw
    or join our FB group www.fb.com/groups/BluemoonABE
    or just contact me! ;) bluemoonclan.jpg

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