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Black_Ice level 31 is looking for daily players....... 1 openings

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Tank, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    We are an event based proven clan, all our members are active, we boot if MIA over 2 days without notice. We get max rewards and finish all events early.

    We require all members to
    1 get 12,000 min on events
    2 play MPDC daily
    3 contribute 500xp per week and keep perks active
    4 we use Line to communicate, it is (mandatory)
    5 we are invite only. No min level just meet min performance goals.
    If we sound like a fit pm ingame name and level for invitation
  2. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    Will have 2 openings after the event. Pm to apply
  3. Gaby0510

    Gaby0510 Hatchling

    D932EE2E-6914-4042-BD89-8B1A3BC56C8C.jpeg I’m 88 level daily player, already finished event Xeno at level 84 and got Master. Can I join your clan? Name in game is Gaby with ava of Claude.
  4. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    Pm sent
  5. Skez

    Skez Hatchling

    Hello, i'm a active Player lvl 39. My current Score on Event is 24k. Doing dailys and Arena. Ingame Name is Skez
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  6. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    Pm. Sent
  7. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    1 spot left
  8. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    Will have 1 spot after the event is over.
  9. Josh L Sawyer

    Josh L Sawyer Hatchling

    Daily player. Have all 4 event birds. Level 77. I'll join whatever communication platform your clan uses but currently don't use any social media. I posted looking for a clan earlier today.

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