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Black_Ice is looking for daily players

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Tank, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    We are a leval 17 event based clan that is invite only and every member plays daily.

    Prefer leval 70 plus.
    Play on insane.
    Must play Major Pecker daily.
    Complete daily tasks and clan tasks.
    Be active in events score atleast 2000.
    Make Contributions to keep perks active.
    Let us know if you will be inactive for over 24hrs.
    We do not run a parking lot, inactive players are booted.
    We are invite only so leave reply and we will send invite.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  2. Zimphodius

    Zimphodius Hatchling

    Hey I am almost level 69 I have almost 30k team power and do around 2k+ every event. You can look me up inngame bu searching Zimphodius. Let me know if I make the cut.
  3. BirdNelson

    BirdNelson Hatchling

    Hi Tank, I think you are a little too fast to kick members ;). I was kicked 2 days ago, because of lag of event points but there was still 4 days of event left.
  4. PigKilla

    PigKilla Hatchling

    Only level 58 but meet all other requirements?? Play on insane, max out events, etc..
    PigKilla - send invite if interested, thanks!
  5. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    I don't have an opening at this time. I will keep you in mind for our next one if you are interested let me know.
  6. PigKilla

    PigKilla Hatchling

    Yes please and thank you!
  7. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    We have one opening left.
  8. EApatzer

    EApatzer Hatchling

    Hope you still have some spots! I'm lvl 66 and claiming, haven't been playing long and reached 8000+ trophies, active every day and need a clan to claim faster. ID EApatzer
  9. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    Have one spot open. Pm me and get in before the event.
  10. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    Have 1 spot open

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