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Bird Priority help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dramm, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Dramm

    Dramm Hatchling

    newb needing help

    My birds of 4* or 5*:
    White - Matilda, Steve, Jacqui, and Jimmy
    Red - Bette x 2, Darlene x 2
    Blue - Trey, Paige, Ron
    Yellow - Brenda and Doris
    Black - none
    Which birds in each color should I prioritize to level 1st and how do they compare to the other birds whitin their color that I don't have?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Paganini

    Paganini Super Cool Bird

    Focus on Matilda, then Jacquie or Steve.
    And wait for other good 5 star birds.
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  3. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    For white birds, I'd focus on Matilda all the way. And choose "Magnetize" once you hit level 60. Level up the other four-star birds to level 40 MAX, then stop. The power that four-star birds give don't compare to five star birds. Once you get more five stars, starting switching your old ones out.
  4. Dramm

    Dramm Hatchling

    Thanks guys!

    So I'll put my efforts into Matilda, guess she's one of the best whites.
    Then pick 3 of the others plus Steve to bring to lvl 40 1st and go from there.
  5. Paganini

    Paganini Super Cool Bird

    Jacquie may be a good choice. Wide range, timer 2.
  6. Liana1356

    Liana1356 Tiny Birdy

    I agree. I've always had Jacquie (lvl 91) on my main team over other five star birds. If you choose the wide evolution her SS can kill a lot more pigs and the damage is higher than other five stars I have.

    I am level 101 BTW and plan on keeping Jacquie until I can finally acquire Annie!!

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    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
  7. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    Well if you are newb I assume that you will have a hard time finding evo material.
    Depend on how do you want to play which type of game are you enjoy playing.
    Story , PvP , Daily Challenge

    But either way you will need to focus on the bird that can clear the map in one shot with their SS.
    You white birds are decent so focus on them.

    Matilda, is(was) good. but after the update she need quite a bit of upgrade to be able to clear map in one shot.
    Need about LV80 (evo) + SS LV3 which can take quite a bit of time.

    Steve, the SS is powerful enough to kill full health pig. And with the wide upgrade make his SS can clear full map (in pvp) most of the time.
    But the "upgrade" ability make it not suitable for PVP. But in daily challenge he is great. the downside is his SS counter is longer than others.

    Jacqui, is also quite good, need quite a bit of upgrade but good overall.

    The other 2 those can be useful is Trey and Doris with the right setup they can be quite good.

    Remember at the end you will always want the birds that can clear the map with one SS.
    And if you can clear the map every turn, you will win most of the time. :)
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  8. Unrulydan

    Unrulydan Hatchling

    So my 5* are blitz,Steve,Byron,cpt. America,Matilda,
    4* are Carson,Billie,el gigante, Ron, owlpheus, Jacquie, Paige,Jimmy..geraldine
    What's the best 5 out of them
  9. Loox

    Loox Super Cool Bird

    Bette and Trey got me throuh much of this game. Bette gets a SS timer of 1 so she can one hit a pig, like the thief pig or a boss, right away. And lvl 81 Trey is very powerful.

    Regarding the last post, you can't go wrong with Byron, Matilda is tier 1 birds. Carson too and Billy the Blitz is great.
    Billie is good, Geraldine is not so great because she only hits one pig, and it doesn't bounce around. She is actually better without using her super shot. Which sucks. Jimmie has a SS of 1 fully upgraded , as does Ron and Carson but they are 4 star. But top tier 4 star and will take you far.
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  10. Dramm

    Dramm Hatchling

    Thanks for all the input guys!

    I've added Murphy, Probotnic, and Kowalski to my numbers. How do they fit in?
  11. moko

    moko Tiny Birdy

    So after the update, an evolved Matilda at L80 with SS Rank 3 is good enough to clear map with 1 hit kills all full hp pigs?
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  12. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

    What is your HP of your pigs? For me my pig HP total is 24k (yes went to far in story) My Bird power is 27k now. I had to get Matilda to 80 with SS lvl6 to clear board. She is now 100 (uh need mats bad)
    I agree with some on 4* however if you like to collect get them to 60 and evo. All my high 4* with the exception of Carson are around 60 and have since been replaced with 5*.
  13. moko

    moko Tiny Birdy

    HP of my pigs are still at 12k and my team power is slightly over 25k. Currently my Matilda is at L80 unevolve yet (already at SS3). Got her just before the update. Was working on Annie L70 at the same time as I find Annie is better to clear the map. So if Matilda is able to clear the map with 1 hit on full hp pigs at evolved L80, then I'll concentrate back on her. And I still have 15 super shot totems with me. Enough to bring her to SS 5. And sadly I still don't have Claude in my team.
  14. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    Depend on how far along in the story mode you are.
    The more you progress in the story mode the more HP pig in arena has.

    For my case @ insane LV pig power is @ 15,000. I have to LV up my Matilda until LV93 SS Rank 4 and it still can only kill full health pig 8-9 times out of 10.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
  15. moko

    moko Tiny Birdy

    Fortunately I didn't progress much in the story mode and the hp of the pigs is at 12k insane mood. My team power is 25k+. My Matilda is at L80 (unevolve yet) and Ss rank 5 but she still can't k.o all full hp pigs in 1 shot.
  16. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    If that is the case then you will need to evo her and probably LV up to 85 or something.
    For the time being try use the Chilli Crate in clan perk. The counter is about the same as Matilda so she can suck it in to here range and give the extra damage she need.
  17. moko

    moko Tiny Birdy

    Will have to sacrifice my evo mats saved for Annie's evolution at L80 then. What is chili crate? There's only first aid kit and smart bomb in clan perks.
  18. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    Sorry I keep calling "Smart Bomb" Chilli crate because there is a chilli logo on the crate. :D
  19. moko

    moko Tiny Birdy

    Lol. Chili crate. The clan smart bomb is activated most of the time. Only hit the counters / smart bomb occasionally when it happens to be in my way. But currently I'm using Annie in my team instead of Matilda.
  20. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    Just for a reference
    my Matilda is at LV93 SS rank 5 She can now kill full health pig in arena 95+% of the time without smart bomb

    my Annie still at lv 40 need more upgrade before I put her in the team. Consider her range I'm still deciding between Annie and Steve. Despite his upgrade ability his power and range is quite decent.

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