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Bird attribute stat ui bug

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Hadronix, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Hadronix

    Hadronix Tiny Birdy

    the title ofthe thread is fairly vague, I will go to detail here, normally, when you level up a bird using the new interface, the attack and health attribute is displayed below the overall power value(highlighted in green), and conversely the power value is displayed on top( highlighted in red). this work accordingly when the bird SS is at rank 1, but when it is raised to an arbitrary rank, in my case rank 4, the attack and health attributes are not accounted in the level up screen. what more intriguing is when you equip runes, the attribute which the rune modify are completely off, in my case, it only affected the attack damage, but the value displayed has no correlation to the actual effect gained by the rune.

    I think the rune calculations are off, but I wasnt able to get how the level up screen calculate rune modfication, maybe someone can dive deeper into this, this is not a game-breaking bug, only affects the ui

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  2. Hadronix

    Hadronix Tiny Birdy

    I hope I put the screenshots in the correct order

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