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Big bad freezing bug! + Fix

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by QueenElsa, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Damosis

    Damosis Hatchling

    NO, NO, NO! How can you launch the matilda event while some players are still frozen!!!!

    I post a message on page 2 and I send a support request no reply yet but I'm patient. I know you are really busy at the moment and the update is coming... I'm patiently waiting but I'm deeply frustrated that the new event has begun. How can you do that? You should give matilda for all players who can't play the event.
    Furthermore some players get 1500 gems because they are frozen during few days so what compensation do you plan for those who are frozen since the beginning?

    I expect more communication from you, I just can't believe that you call for patience but you launch a new event...
    While I'm on that subject, I don't forget that some players get a scout every 10 minutes while some other have to wait an hour. That was deeply unfair.

    An angry player evolution.
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  2. Majormc

    Majormc Hatchling

    Dear sirs developers and technical support. In a few hours there will be a week, how to play your "game" is not possible. I sent the application to the specified address https://support.rovio.com/. For the numbers: 1711505, 1713599, 1716434, 1717676. It is interesting that they executed the application (1713599), in which I indicated the INCORRECT ID of facebook. Immediately checked the completed application, but the result, as you know, is obvious. Immediately corrected the ID, sent ... But anyway - there is no answer, the result is not, there is nothing ... Do you have one person in technical support, before lunch, two days a week?
  3. Majormc

    Majormc Hatchling

    Hmm, what's the reason for the developers to communicate with us? To listen to our whining? To help, answer, listen to requests, just talk ... Why? There are many other ways to have fun ...
  4. Nimos

    Nimos Hatchling

    nickname : Nimos
    level : 56 i think
    No fb ID
    frozen since a week !
  5. rider120

    rider120 Hatchling

    From the support replied - the update of the game does not solve the problem, we must manually correct game state, this will take at least 2-3 days. Is it so?
  6. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    Same thing is happening to me. Not happy with poor communication from Rovio
  7. Majormc

    Majormc Hatchling

    All claims are withdrawn. Developers - thanks! After my hysterics - in an hour all restored. The promised diamonds - in stock, half an hour ago - is another surprise. Thank you!
  8. Anurag

    Anurag Hatchling

    Thanks Rovio for fixing my issues..
  9. rider120

    rider120 Hatchling

    Thanks to the developers for fixing my account. :)
    But I think that 1500 stones is too little compensation for a week of inaction.
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  10. Jz61410

    Jz61410 Hatchling

    Hismom61410 lvl 45
  11. Fei fei04

    Fei fei04 Hatchling

    Hi. I get my new ID - GUEST9284
    Please help me to restore my progress. Thank you!
  12. Griza

    Griza Hatchling

    Name : ljy6557 (lvl 35)
    FB Id : 100002092873471

    I haven't played anything after finishing rooster events. I registered my request about the stuck bug on Rovio's support center. but I didn't get any answers at all during 6 days. I really really want to get the Matilda. I'm very worried that I won't play until Matilda events ends.
    I want you to fix my bug, Stuck.


  13. Antonio Filho

    Antonio Filho Hatchling

    FB Id - 13888638668695
    User - Aeb7
    Level about 60th
  14. TweetButtStomp

    TweetButtStomp Hatchling

    FB ID 1951063981586426
    Nickname Tweet Buttstomp
    Level ?? Can't remember exactly??
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  15. Fei fei04

    Fei fei04 Hatchling

    Thanks for your email. But the game is not restored yet. Then I tried to uninstall and reinstall.

    Below is my new information
    ID: Guest 8253
    - RCc0a1e767-1b9a-4c24-8456-7eb6fb6b8f34
    - Game version:

    Sorry for inconvenience caused
  16. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    The update should be going out today for all those still effected. Please remember to contact support, so that they know to compensate you :)
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  17. Hizribjd

    Hizribjd Hatchling

    Well here we are. Next event over 250 tokens and frozen again!!!
    FB ID 10211009917661629
  18. Kronk

    Kronk Hatchling

    Once again frozen... I haven't been compensated for the last freeze and now it happens again after this event...

    Nickname in game: Kapten Kronk (lvl 75)
    FB ID: 10155094711968355
  19. SsNeX

    SsNeX Hatchling

    SsneX or SsNeX is My game name
    Clean member in √Ągerins or √Ąggerins
  20. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    And you've updated your game?

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