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Big bad freezing bug! + Fix

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by QueenElsa, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Krekstar

    Krekstar Hatchling

    He is blood, level 80 just checked clan bluemoon come on Rovio let him play !!!
  2. Anurag

    Anurag Hatchling

  3. Anurag

    Anurag Hatchling

    Request number 1708148.. this was generated 6 days ago... Dear Kien we request you to act a little professional and sort out the issue as soon as possible instead of giving lame excuses... name- ANURAG, facebook id-10155444470877641, level- 76, clan- dont remember, ticket number- 1708148.. please act fast...
    Request number 1708148.. this was generated 6 days ago...
  4. kien

    kien Developer

    Hey everyone, we're working on this as fast as we can, we'll get to your tickets as soon as possible. We just can't handle all of them immediately, sorry.

    Sending multiple tickets or forum messages with the same info will not help us solve your problem faster.
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  5. HaiDang

    HaiDang Hatchling

    Hello kien, My account still not work after you fixed last few day.
    My account name is: QuáiVật6969, I'm the leader of 69696969 clan in case you can't find me.
    Please help me, I'm still waiting to play again for 3 weeks. Tks
  6. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    If you've been contacted directly, you do not need to message here anymore.
    17 pages is A LOT and we understand wHy there's a lot, but we don't need to add more noise!
    We've got a large amount of people's games sorted! If you're not one of them yet, we are sorry and we're working our hardest. Just a bit slightly a lot spread thin at the moment.
    For those who do not have their FB connected, or still haven't been contacted/found: GOOD NEWS
    Our newest update should be rolling out this week and will completely untangle the mess, meaning no more freeze. It also should fix the video-crash error certain players have been getting. MAYBE. Probably. Hopefully!
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  7. Majormc

    Majormc Hatchling

    Yeah ... Keywords: Maybe. Probably. Hopefully....:(:(:(

    SANDII Hatchling

    Fantastic thanks guys :)
    Please peeps if you have logged a ticket don't hammer them with the same issue over and over because you are making the queue longer for all of us that includes yourself!!!! Fingers crossed It's sorted soon
  9. Anurag

    Anurag Hatchling

    Thanks for the information.. we are waiting passionately for the update so that we can continue playing the game we love..
  10. Cymru

    Cymru Hatchling

    Got the fix earlier today. Much appreciated. And got a treasure chest of gems as a bonus.
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  11. Sedaps

    Sedaps Hatchling

    So those of use who are not connected to Facebook and reinstalled the app are s.o.l? Or will there be a fix for us as well?
    IGN - Sed
    Lvl 33
    1073 gems 12k gold
  12. kien

    kien Developer

    Hey, it looks like you've been playing the game just fine. If you've experienced some other issue, please send us a description of the problem though the game's Help and Support section.
  13. Joan Hsu

    Joan Hsu Hatchling

    I know you are very hard to fix the bug, but I really have to wait for a week, but also provide you with the game number, but I do not know how long to wait for such a progress I am very disappointed.
  14. eljot

    eljot Hatchling

    Nickname: eljot
    Fb ID: 10154844560717725
  15. Donovan

    Donovan Hatchling

    FB ID: Dons
    Please fix so that I can play
  16. Kumar Shantanu

    Kumar Shantanu Hatchling

    User name :- shan
    Level 71
    FB id :- 897413973745032
  17. Kumar Shantanu

    Kumar Shantanu Hatchling

    NICK NAME: shan
    level 71
    FB ID: 897413973745032
  18. LichaGringa

    LichaGringa Hatchling

    Don't give up hope! I submitted a support request and after few days heard back and now I'm back in the game! I am hoping that the new update will help everyone else that is still affected.
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  19. rider120

    rider120 Hatchling

    kien, when to wait for an update (fix) for the game? A new event with Matilda has already begun
  20. Efficionado

    Efficionado Hatchling

    Send a ticket 6 days ago - got contacted to provide FB ID after 4 days waiting - provided FB ID 1348525098535626 same day.
    That is now 2 days ago.
    Please help!!!

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