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Best way of selling birds

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Riedgu, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    There was one thread about silver and gold shinies. But I take math into common birds. What is the best way to sell them to profit the most?
    Since Evolution materials are hardest to obtain - I prefer to use the method below. But either way you lose Evo mats or gold. If you need gold - skip this method and sell them separately.

    TL;DR If you have 3*, best way is to feed him 1* and sell it. Otherwise - collect 2* and feed them 1* before selling.

    Let's see the math based if we feed the same color birds.
    3* bird gives 3 Evo mats and 30 gold, level up cost 40 gold
    2* bird - 2 Evo mats and 20 gold, level up cost 35gold
    1* bird - 1 Evo mat and 10gold, level up cost 30 gold

    Feeding 3* with 1* or 2* makes him level 3, so it's the same outcome
    3* lvl 3 gives 9 Evo mats and 36gold. So we earned 5 Evo mats and instead of getting 40gp by selling them separately, we get 36. With expenses it is -44 gold.
    Feeding 3* with a 3* gives you level 4. So it is +5 Evo mats and -61gold
    Leveling 2* with a 2* - level 4. +4 evo mats and -49 gold
    Leveling 2* with a 1* we get level 3 and it gets us 6 Evo mats and 24 gold. +3 Evo mats and -41gold
    Leveling 1* with 1*, level 4, +2 Evo mats and -37gold

    So. We always get extra Evo mats for expense of gold

    So - extra Evolution material cost:
    3* with 3* - 12.2gold
    3* with 2* - 13.5 gold
    3* with 1* - 8.8 gold
    2* with 2* - 12.25 gold
    2* with 1* - 13.6 gold
    1* with 1* - 18.5 gold

    But if you have 2x2* and 2x1*. Separately they would give you 6 Evo mats and 60gold. But if you feed 2* to 2* and 1* to 1* they would give you +6 Evo mats and -86gold, while feeding 1* to 2* - gives +6 Evo mats -82 gold. We see that gold wise best is to feed 2* with 1*.

    So if you have 3*, best way is to feed him 1* and sell it. Otherwise - collect 2* and feed them 1* before selling. On the same color day it is the same, just the profit is higher.

    If you have Golden shiny bird - feed him once and sell. Feeding more birds just lowers your profit.

    Silver shiny - level up 2* and 1* birds to the level 20 and evolve them once. Then feed to the preferred bird on the same color day.
    I prefer to avoid 3* shinies, because they need 200evo mats and its the same as 2* and 1* shinies combined. And they level up more than 3*.
    (If someone has math on this - please share your thoughts).

    Also what's the formula with 4* shiny on level 51 giving the most xp? Doesn't 4* birds consume many lower level shinies and evolving 4* lvl 40 is a bit too much in my mind. How it is gold wise?

    I'm open for discussion, Enjoy!
  2. Lotusroot

    Lotusroot Hatchling

    this really depends on what clan bonus XP you receive because there are certain "break points" where fusing certain combinations of birds will yield the highest number of materials per gold spent. The sell value only depends on what level the bird is at, so I find its always best to sell them when there is the least amount of xp over that level. Like for example, you would only sell a bird that is level 5 and 10% experience, but if that same bird was level 5 and 95%, I would fuse it once more if it hits +3 levels or something like that since levels give increased sell value.

    I think everyone who cares about this kind of thing though needs to do their own testing since we all mostly have different clan XP anways. In my experience ive found the most cost efficient way is to fuse 1*s into 3*, yielding the highest evo mats per gold.

    I also wanted to add that I mostly only do this on off-color days, since during the on-color I am normally using all my birds of that color to level 4* or 5* birds anyway and don't have excess birds to sell for evo mats.

    For 16% clan xp, the best evo mats per gold "rate" is with 3*+1*+1* = it costs about 9.77 gold per evo mats gained, or a 2*+1*+1* = 11.42 gold per evo mats. Sometimes I fuse extra 1*s to these combos if im short on 3* birds since they hit "break points" where it yields a slightly worse rate but more evo mats gained. (this is all on off color days). During ON color days I get rates of 6-8 gold per evo mats with different combinations
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
  3. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    I have +16% bird exp.

    And upgrading 3* with two 1*, I get level 5. So in the end it is 9,8 gold per extra Evo mat.

    Fair enough, still cheaper than feeding to 2* bird.
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  4. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    The way to doesn’t give you thumb arthritis.
  5. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    Feeding three 1* to 3* gives +13 Evo mats and -132 gold. So it it's 10gold per extra mat. (+16% bird xp, with less you won't level him to this)

    Feeding 4 1* - 16mats -179, so it's 11gold per mat.
    So 2-3 birds are optimal choice
  6. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    And it's almost all for nothing, since new update lets sell birds instantly. So this way it's too much of hassle

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