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Best black bird?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matticus, Aug 14, 2017.


    SKAZZZZZKA Hatchling

    [QUOTE = "Ночь, сообщение: 10098, участник: 1111"] Байрон, голландцы и Карсон - лучшие черные птицы. Карсон действительно хорош для очистки доски своими ОГРОМНЫМИ ss. Тем не менее, его «падение» заключается в том, что ему нужен его набор рок-звезд, чтобы нанести большой урон свиньям на арене. Голландцы и Байрон - 5 звезд, поэтому им не нужен какой-либо набор, чтобы наносить столько урона, как Карсон, и они дают вашей команде больше энергии и здоровья, чем Карсон (потому что он птица с 4 звездами, и они являются 5-звездочными птицами .)
    Now for which one is better between Dutch and Byron? Byron got a really good range for his ss and a cooldown of 2 turns (after level 80), so he's really really good. However, he has a tiny problem in his ss, which is that he can't pick up power ups, he upgrades them instead, and that might be really risky in PvP. You don't want your opponent to have upgraded power ups, it will put you in a disadvantage. And on the other hand, we got Dutch who got a nice range on his ss, a cooldown of 3 (after level 80), and his ss damage is amazing plus his ss gives you a lot of combos for extra damage. But, he doesn't upgrade power ups like Byron, he picks them up. It's up to you to decide which one is better. ;P

    (Dr. Probotnik isn't that good, due to his ss having 3 turns cooldown (Just like Dutch, I know), but with much less damage than Dutch. And let's say you didn't go with that evolution and went with the mind control instead. Mind control isn't the best in PvP it will only control 1 pig and I don't see that being that much useful.)

    (Bomb wasn't there, because his "welcome to the thunderdome" ss doesn't help you that much, especially in PvP. I won so many times against players with Bombs using that ss, because it makes it harder on their team to keep attacking the pigs, while you can kill the pigs with your black or white birds. And now for his other evolution, yes it is good, but still not as good as Dutch's, while having the same 3 turns cooldown.)

    Side note: There's one more bird that we shouldn't forget about, which is Zain. He has an amazing ss with tons of critical damage. However, that's not really helpful, unless you have a Claude as your team leader. (Claude's team leader ability converts critical damage into health for your team, which is quite amazing.)

    That's my opinion on black birds. I'm sure not everyone will agree with me, and it's fine. I respect everyone's opinion. And I hope this was helpful. :]
  2. Wintermute

    Wintermute Tiny Birdy

    Off top questions... I am reading about all these legendary lineups with people trying to decide WHICH black 4-5 star black bird is best :) I am only level 43 and I only have two 4* black birds (Zain and the Rock Star dude - cant remember name) and they are far from maxed out :) So the questions I have - How long did it take you guys to get to this level of UBERNESS and how much do you play and pay? I see progression slowing down for me, and I am blown away by the killer lineups people have :)
  3. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    I currently have five 5 star black birds in my inventory. I currently have ZERO 5 star black birds on my PvP or PVe teams... why? CARSEN! Carsen, when properly leveled and ranked up, can destroy everything on the entire field AS LONG AS you have him or a different rockstar as leader. I have 4 out of 5 rockstars and I have found that just using Cyril and Carson on the team will give me enough fans to KO all pigs every time. You get one set of fans (1 to 3 birds per set) per rockstar (up to 3 I believe). In Pvp or actually any mode Carsen is the ultimate weapon for me. In fact I like his huge mosh pit so much that I leveled 3 Carsens up to prestige with this evolution.
  4. Prince Playboy

    Prince Playboy Super Cool Bird

    Those birds you mentioned were the first birds I managed to lvl up to P5:)

    Evolving them may take time as it's best to wait for 'black day' which is wednesday. I used evolved 1-3*shinies (lvl 20 and lvl 40) I chose Zain with expansive crit, while Carson with huge Mosh pit. Actually, I never used real money in this game. Just full grind with sacrificing an hour or two of my sleep schedule)
  5. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I would agree that Dr. Probotnik with Mind Control is not great with PvP; however, in normal battles I use him to mind control the Boss Pig so I can finish off the other pigs, collect coins from vases/cages. Thus, he has an use
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