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Beadery just advanced to Level 17; need 5 new active members.

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Beadery, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Beadery

    Beadery Hatchling

    Hello, we are looking for 5 active, friendly members who will join our collaborative clan, and contribute XP. We are focussed on achieving events and daily clan rewards. Please ping me or request to join directly in the game.
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  2. manbearpig

    manbearpig Hatchling

    Currently level 69, almost 70. Active player, bird power 17,900, ~5500 trophies. Would love to join but can't send request.
  3. Beadery

    Beadery Hatchling

    Search for the clan Beadery, and then request to join from there.
  4. manbearpig

    manbearpig Hatchling

  5. MrChurro95

    MrChurro95 Hatchling

    If you could drop it to lv 60 I'll join :)
  6. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    Looking for a spot for WikThor (his profile can be found on the Valkonety clan) and MrChurro95. My clan Enthusiasts I think has only one spot left open and I don't want to split one clan mate from the other.

    Both of these people directly affected from what happened to my clan. As the former clan leader, I'm hoping to try to help him find every user a spot in a top-notch clan like this one. With what I've noticed before the tragic downfall of Valkonety, I can definitely vouch for both commitments to the game. MrChurro has definitely helped out with clan perks and was one of the best members of the clan. One of his biggest strengths definitely would be communication and making the place around him feel like family. He is active, always supportive in clan chat and has recently gotten a Discord account. WikThor isn't as great with communication, most probably with fluency issues, but he definitely does play all the time. For each clan event, WikThor would easily score within the top 5 of everyone.

    The only thing that currently draws both of them back is a lower level count compared to all of us. But my mentality is dedication and teamwork over a level number that only gives a few treasures after each level up. Someone at level 24 could easily do much more for a clan compared to a level 150, for example. Every great player like you and me starts from humble beginnings. Sometimes it's easy to forget that.

    Please do consider MrChurro and WikThor together with a grain of salt. Feel free to contact me if you have any hesitations.
  7. AllahsSnackbar

    AllahsSnackbar Hatchling

    Can i join i donate daily and bird team is about to be 24000. Stuck in a clan that doesnt speak English
  8. Emaan

    Emaan Hatchling

    Any spot left?
    Level 97
  9. Unq

    Unq Hatchling

    Your newest member, CTAB, left our clan 12 hours before Christmas 13-day long event ended, ruining our chances to get premium ticket (44 members not counting CTAB). We were 15k points out (manageable in 12h with 45 members) and now we are 25k points out, which is pretty impossible. Thanks for accepting new member before event ended. Like you weren't aware that accepting a member probably ruins some other clan's event.

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