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Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Babe Feathers, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Babe Feathers

    Babe Feathers Hatchling

    Hey peeps! Badass Babes Clan is now level 12 & has 5 spots available! We are extremely active and normally ranked in the top 50 overall. We have taken first place in all events except two early on when we were grouped with much larger clans. We are extremely competitive but our main goal is to have fun! Normally we only accept players at level 70 or higher, but I am willing to discuss admission with anyone active who wants to grow with us. Clan rules include the following: 1) You MUST read & respond to chat! 2) You must friend leader so she is able to see when you are playing. 3) You must activate one clan perk within the first few days of joining and then about one a week. We only activate the clan scout during clan events that are close. All other perks which include the first aid kit, the smart bomb, and the clan egg are ALWAYS active. 4) Minimum daily donation is 500 coins. 5) You must play Major Pecker/Daily Challenge twice daily. 6) You must be in a Champions league in arena. 7) You must actively play arena. We don’t tolerate members who deliberately lose to stay in lower leagues. 8) If you don’t enjoy the game and are on Facebook or other sites constantly complaining, please don’t waste our time. We play as an escape and want to be able to enjoy the game! And, NO, you don’t have to be a “babe” to join! Half of the clan are boyz! If you are interested in joining or have questions, please message me here or on Facebook at “Babe Feathers.” You can always find me through a comment on ABE Facebook posts. I am no longer accepting members without talking to them first. I look forward to hearing from you!

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