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Ask Me Anything

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aux80, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. DennayBoy

    DennayBoy Hatchling

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  2. Thiago#$#

    Thiago#$# Hatchling

    Como matar a equipe pwat
  3. CiprianS

    CiprianS Super Cool Bird

    Santa, too

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  4. Drunken Bird

    Drunken Bird Hatchling

    Whats the best version to evolve chuck into either volatile or trial by fire?
  5. Drunken Bird

    Drunken Bird Hatchling

    You can also level up another red bird with other colored birds on double xp days then sell at 20.
  6. Shockie

    Shockie Hatchling

    Looking at the rankings for clans in the arena, I have clicked on random members of the top clans. Nearly all of them have fused the shiny totem with their main team birds, but I didn't think that actually helps the birds. So why have they done this?
  7. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    most probably just a way to spend their extra resources
  8. CiprianS

    CiprianS Super Cool Bird

    or to show off
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  9. moko

    moko Tiny Birdy

    I'm also wondering too which one is better - to evolve Chuck with Volatile Present or Trial by Fire? Help please.
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  10. Devin Miller

    Devin Miller Hatchling

    I love Angry birds games. But this one is rediculious. I play for bout 15 min every 3 hours. Every stage I fight is about 5000 xp stronger than me so cant win at all. It take 750 evolution marerials for the 2nd eveolultion. How exactly is anyone suppose get anywhere. Its comingto the point that Im fixin to delete the game causeits no fun at all.
  11. Darwin

    Darwin Hatchling

    very likely you progress way too far in the story mode
  12. Xigent

    Xigent Hatchling

    What kind of resources and how much to prestige a 5* bird, almost ready to prestige and just curious how much gold/evo material/ essence I needed. Thanks
  13. Nighty1209

    Nighty1209 Super Cool Bird

    Is Zain better than Bomb?
  14. Devin Miller

    Devin Miller Hatchling

    My 5 star bird was 600 evo materials fof 1sf evolution, 1000 evo material fof 2nd evo. An not sure after that. I ended just sellin my 5 star. The cost of evolution is just plain rediculious. My 4 star birds to evolution level 60 is 1000 evo material plus 10 of those drink things. Thats is one of the number 1 things they need to chang in my opinion.
  15. CorgiDog

    CorgiDog Hatchling

    Is it better to have many 5star birds with varied levels or just 2 really high level birds from each color? I find myself with multiple 5star duplicates and I'm not sure if I should level them or use them to increase other birds levels
  16. Jeuman

    Jeuman Super Cool Bird

    later on if you want to do dungeons, you need a lot of 5 stars in each color. but seems it will take a long time to get to that point
  17. Shockie

    Shockie Hatchling

    Has a clan egg ever returned a bird higher than 3*? All I have seen are birds 3* and lower
  18. Vivek

    Vivek Super Cool Bird

    How do I learn to fly?
  19. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    Use the fly TM! :3 (Pokèmon reference)
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  20. Vivek

    Vivek Super Cool Bird

    I do not know what is this:confused::cool:
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