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Are you kidding me!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ron Sto}, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Ron Sto}

    Ron Sto} Hatchling

    You really think I am going to spend this kind of money on a game that keeps changing the rules, making it harder and harder to play the game. I keep hearing the changes are because of cheaters. I have my doubts It feels more like a grab for money. I keep seeing these so called sales but never see a chance to buy them at full price so we are suppose to take Rovio’s word that it is 1/2 priced. Nope not going to believe it. I know people that have spent there hard earned money on this game only to be disappointed because the game has changed and they feel the money they spent was wasted. I know Rovio needs money to improve and maintain the game but this game it the most expensive game I have ever played! I see no value in the pricing I have seen so far, if I were to ever spend money on this gameI need to know that what I am buying has value and will not be nullified by a change made a few days or weeks later. People spend money to strengthen there players only to have Rovio change the rules and weaken players birds, money wasted! 9114945E-2A4E-4944-B5CB-71EB6CC2EEE3.jpeg
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