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Any point to top of pvp leaderboard?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ThatOneGuy, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Hatchling

    I see all these clans pushing for extreme pvp focus. Are they competing for gems or something else? Is this merely stroking of ones ego? What drives someone to get 20k plus if there is no reward other than being the best. Which honestly in this game reflects more of luck than skill.
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  2. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    Play more pvp = more mats and coins for your birds evolution, it's win-win. The more active you are, the faster you progress
  3. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    If it's just 1 way and not rewarding then probably less motivation
  4. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Hatchling

    Have you seen some of those people? They have the end game setups all 5 prestige. What is the point in grinding for keys if you have nothing left to aquire or evolve?
  5. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    I speak for myself as my aim is to p5 all the 5 star birds I can collect in this game. We need goals to keep our interest going if not there's no point playing ;)
  6. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

  7. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    if rovio implemented a real 1v1 in addition to the pvp we now get.. i'd see more a reason to push... Currently as it is.. you are just beating peoples a.i and if you lose its usually because opponent team has way to many hitpoints and have the best 5's in the game like chuck, claude matilda annie. Like there could be games where you have always got 4 and 5 pigs on their side but because the opponent has so much life points.. It really doesn't matter because the opponent a.i will tank it all no problem and then buss of a 1 shot aoe and kill you despite you winning all game.

    If we had a real 1v1 and some further development of the 1v1 scene in terms of balance.. I think it would be a much more skillfull game and thus get more people interested in actually getting good. Currently as it is.. You could still be pretty terrible with poor aim and still rank highhhh if you rocking all prestige 5 rank top tier birds..
  8. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Hatchling

    This would be a cool addition to the game, but it’s rovio. I highly doubt we will ever see something like this, unless they figure out how to make $ from it .
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    DUCK NORRIS Super Cool Bird

    I don't know if it is so much stroking one's ego as much as it is just simply being competitive. If Rovio wants to keep this game going they need to keep releasing new event birds. That is what will keep people's interest. If there weren't rumors of a new blue and black bird I would not play anymore. I could care less if I have the top score on pvp overall week to week. Like enthusiasts said I play only to get as many dungeon keys and in turn get as many dungeons done per day that I can. It wouldn't hurt if they did add rewards for say top 15, 20 players and maybe even clan rewards for pvp based on # of members? Idk but I don't think there is anything about scoring 28k a week that boosts my ego considering there must be 20 or so players above 25k each week.

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