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Advice needed for my current team

Discussion in 'Strategies & Guides' started by Joeso, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Joeso

    Joeso Hatchling

    My current team:
    Cryril lv92 (leader)
    Steve lv60
    Red lv100
    Eddie void lv78
    Jacquie lv86

    Other bird options:
    5 stars: byron, thrash
    4 stars: Jimmy, Brenda, Ron, El Gigante, Kowalski, Bette, Paige, Darlene, Owlpheus, Trey..

    Would like to know how should do to make my team stronger??
    1) - should I replace Steve? I know he is 5 stars but in pvp he can't pick up items and even make them stronger for opponent?
    2) - any comments on Jimmy and byron? I would like to know more about them
    3) - or any better bird for replacement?

    PLEASE help and discuss more for better combinations for the team, thanks you.

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