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Active Level 92 Account searching for Clan

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by mmick08, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. mmick08

    mmick08 Hatchling

    Hi Guys, :)
    I „mmick08“ am searching for am Active Clan at least finishing the Team Events part to get the golden Egg :)

    I am Level 92. Active and able to Donate :)
    If you want to help me out of my currently very inactive clan please send me an invitation.

    Thanks Guys

    CLEMCO Hatchling

    Would love to have you.
    CLEMCO Smashed
    It's a level 24 Clan and we get most of the clan rewards.
  3. Cmbryan79

    Cmbryan79 Tiny Birdy

    Hey! Did you find a clan yet? If not check out War Eagles, level 26 clan. All active members! Join our Discord server to be considered! https://discord.gg/GRRFzjA

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  4. Dru

    Dru Hatchling

    Hey mmick08, come and join metalwarriors! We are a strong active clan, always finish our events and when we have a full clan are in the top 25 in pvp!!
  5. Rio Seven

    Rio Seven Super Cool Bird

    Hi! I’m an elder with ClanetofApes and we collect all clan rewards every week. We have a positive vibe, and don’t expect you to spend your actual money. We play hard but are friendly and fun.

    We just got to the point where we can have 50 members, but we still need a couple solid players to compliment some of the awesome people we already have!

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