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Jun 20, 2018 at 3:42 AM
Sep 13, 2017
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These new birds might be really good! May 30, 2018

RemixFTW was last seen:
Jun 20, 2018 at 3:42 AM
    1. RemixFTW
      These new birds might be really good!
    2. RemixFTW
      Got Annie (Early Threat) from Eagle Mountain today!
    3. RemixFTW
      Finally got every bird on my team to prestige!
    4. RemixFTW
      Got a level 91 Thrash from Eagle Mountain! (He was Power Up Crowd Dive)
      1. WilsonTheRedBird likes this.
    5. kiwiloganalt
      Wish this wasn't true
    6. RemixFTW
      The lag only gets worse...
    7. RemixFTW
      I prefer the name Miffy over Fringy...
    8. RemixFTW
      Miffy: The New Claude
    9. RemixFTW
      Gonna use a ton of tickets for Miffy. Wish me luck tomorrow!
    10. RemixFTW
      The Angromedon is extremely underrated...
      1. Agentjoseph
        Do you think so? I have mine at level 100 but the one I chose seems to be bugged so haven’t prestiged or put on team
        Mar 23, 2018
    11. RemixFTW
      Fire Rooster = OP
    12. RemixFTW
      The Angromedon has been hatched by me!
    13. RemixFTW
      Just got the QB bird!
    14. RemixFTW
    15. RemixFTW
      Returning to A.B.E
    16. RemixFTW
    17. RemixFTW
    18. RemixFTW
      Coming Soon: The Core Flock
    19. RemixFTW
      Christmas event is disappointing...
    20. RemixFTW
      Coming Soon: Why Probotnik isn’t trash
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    Please note that I do not work for Rovio. I am here to monitor the forum due to my activity being high. If there’s a in-game problem then ask @QueenElsa. If there’s a forum problem then please report it and I’ll deal with it.


    Mighty Eagle had amazing golden eggs with riches in them and many people desired to have one. Then a evil Terence stole the golden eggs from Mighty Eagle so he put his fist on the ground and said “You may keep those eggs, but a great punishment will be coming.” Terence ignored the warning and became one of the worst birds around Bird Town. His friends Claude and Chuck never did such crime, so they were really good when fighting. But Terence just sits alone, wondering why he had to steal Mighty Eagle’s golden eggs and if his punishment will ever be lifted...

    Terence realized that if he went to floor 70 of eagle mountain, he could make a good deal with the Mighty Eagle. So on Blue Day, he climbed with his friend The Angromedon. Eventually, they reached floor 50. Terence and The Angromedon were feeling confident. They kept going until they did it! Floor 70 was where they were! They felt like going further so they managed to get all the way to floor 91. They decided that they were high enough and it was time to leave. Mighty Eagle came down to congratulate them but when he saw Terence he said, "Terence, I am happy that you and your buddy reached floor 91. I will give you a present along with your eagle mountain egg. I may never forgive you for what you did but I can see some good things you've done." And he flew off...

    Part 3 coming soon...