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Aug 7, 2018
May 23, 2017
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Aug 7, 2018
    1. Gatorops
      Do you have contact with the owners of this forum. Many players want to join but for some reason are unable to do so
      1. Cowboysfan
        Sorry but he left because he's too busying playing the game to care
        Jul 29, 2018
    2. agentmike
      Hello QueenElsa,
      Is there a place on the forum for feature request?

      I would like to request a in-game marketplace where you can auction off your excess birds.
      Like i have a couple of the same 4-star birds and some other player would like to buy this 4-star birds for a couple of gems/gold.

      1. RemixFTW
        Sadly, Rovio will never add this.
        Jan 24, 2018
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    3. Oralbdr
      How do you talk to your friends on evolution?
      1. Cowboysfan likes this.
    4. Timothy
      I also can not access the game. It says it is trying to connect to the server but fails. I am a Clan Leader but am afraid I will lose control of it if I do not regain access soon.
      1. Cowboysfan likes this.
    5. Timothy
      How do I change the name that shows up with my profile? I only meant to use my toon name and I did not realize it would use my real name! I am am Aspie (Asperger's) so it may have been obvious to some but not to me. Please message me with solution. Thank you.
    6. VernaMarye
      Could you please help me find comprehensive information about clans and leagues. I don't know how to get perks, gifts, & eggs from clan & league members. HELP PLEASE!
    7. PigKiller
      Today my account was erased! I played a lot without link my account to facebook. Today I was loggin in my facebook account for the first time and my game profile was erased to a guest account. My old profile was Angel, I was in level 69, now is Guest2475, level 1. My old profile still appears in the clan members (POLLOS_HERMANOS). How can I get my old profile back?
    8. Madmaria
      How do I use them I have heaps in my messages and My inventory is full HELP please
    9. Jen1313
      Also got the freezing bug. What should I do now? Cant get to my ID, reinstall and log in with Facebook didnt help :(
      1. DreShan
        Yea same happens with me dies anyone know what to do.. please if someone know help me
        Sep 3, 2017
    10. Quadrus
      I have submitted my info any word on when it will be fixed?
    11. NancyCL
      Any news yet on the AB Evolution freeze fixit for the freeze?
      LucyGoocy level 49, 365 diamonds, 167 coins, no FB.
      Help, Please. thank you.
    12. NancyCL
      My AB Evolution loading page freezes.
      Help and Fix?
      Lucy Goocy , Level 49 with 365 diamonds and 167 coins.
    13. Marluk
      Hey staff member, can you please check out the bugs forum and see if you can get Rovio to fix the black excavation event and compensate those of us that have been locked out.
      1. Nei Cruz
        Nei Cruz
        It keeps popping up since yesterday but there's no event maker anymore. Thanks for calling it. ✌ @Marluk
        Aug 14, 2017
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    14. Heather L Palmer
      Heather L Palmer
      I keep winning a match in dome, but then screen freezes, then I have to completely go out of the app and when I come back in it takes 25 of my trophy away
      1. HiPro likes this.
      2. Madmaria
        Same hapends to me as well
        Oct 8, 2017
    15. Damien092304
    16. Damien092304
    17. Zoo1oO
      bomb event... really if i take 250 fragments i can GET 100% Bomb, coz some people post: "exchange rules for event.. no more 10 tickets.. now get bomb 100%".... please told me truth... please
    18. JKBrown
      Hello, I was told you could help me. I started a clan "Fowl Plot" when the game was first released and have had 10 members with donations but it disappeared today....how do I get it back with the donations?
    19. Nighty1209
      Hi, how can I start a thread? I can't see a "start new topic" button.
    20. Vtcntrygrl
      What does it mean "resources are at their limit" ? I just did a battle but didn't get the key....can they b used for something? I hv 75
      1. Cowboysfan and Cowboy like this.
      2. Buds
        The max cap for keys are 75.
        Gotta spend some keys before you gain them again.
        Jul 21, 2017
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