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New Profile Posts

  1. Prince Playboy
    Prince Playboy
    Finally, the 4th 5* yellow bird has arrived :-) I hope I can get him.
  2. RemixFTW
    Byron, Steve, and Power Row Red should be able to make power-ups unclaimable by your opponent when you upgrade them.
  3. RemixFTW
    I GOT STEVE!!!
    1. SquawkTron
      Nov 19, 2017 at 7:13 AM
  4. Janson
    I appreciate all the recent clan recruitment drops, but I'm now part of a new fun clan and I'm going to stay here with them. Happy hunting
  5. Janson
    ABE 5* bird ratio for non gold premium drops needs a serious update. Silver tickets rarely deliver even a 4* bird drop. WTF Ravio!
  6. Janson
    I don't drop $$ on ABE for material, it takes 4ever to save material & slowly lvl up ur team. Youtube Cheats/hacks do not exist. All fake
  7. Prince Playboy
    Prince Playboy
    Yellow event. We need another new yellow event bird (we only have 3, other colors have at least 4)
  8. Derek Konink
    Derek Konink
    SPLATTER HAWKS: looking for serious players. Want to make a in the "top three" position. Need peeps help contribute to clan level
  9. Hugo Benitez
    Hugo Benitez VeronicaVaughnV
    Hey I would like to join your clan.
  10. Babe Feathers
    Babe Feathers
    Check out my clan! Badass Babes
  11. VernaMarye
    I could use some mentoring!
    1. Babe Feathers
      Babe Feathers
      I am player level 125. I’ve been playing since launch and I have my own clan. I’d be glad to help! What questions do you have?
      Nov 5, 2017
      VernaMarye likes this.
    2. VernaMarye
      Thank you so much for responding. I joined ABE in June 2017, but I feel like I have been on the outskirts of the game, just playing the bare minimum to keep aware of just a little bit.

      I have read all the info that ABE has posted about things, but I feel that it was not complete. I have not been able to find actual info about the clans and leagues, and how to use them to benefit me and my teams?
      Nov 5, 2017
    3. Babe Feathers
      Babe Feathers
      Because of the character limit on here, it would be much easier to give you information and answer questions if you send me a friend request on Facebook. I can also connect you to my clan’s Facebook page which has all kinds of helpful information. Just search “Babe Feathers” & I have the same profile picture as on here.
      Nov 7, 2017
  12. VernaMarye
    VernaMarye QueenElsa
    Could you please help me find comprehensive information about clans and leagues. I don't know how to get perks, gifts, & eggs from clan & league members. HELP PLEASE!
  13. Prince Playboy
    Prince Playboy
    Three birds in one event - not a good idea. Low level clans aren't able to reach that 250k points to get their 2nd gold ticket.
  14. Céd.Dcéd
    Bonjour à toutes et à tous si vous voulez discuter ou avoir des renseignements faite moi signe si je peus aider pourquoi pas
  15. Piggskinner
    New Co-Leader of Baby Bluemoon! Incubator to Clan: Bluemoon :)
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  16. RemRem95
    Je vais voir avec le bras droit pour baisser le niveau
  17. MrIpkiss
    From zero to hero
  18. Frankinzilla
  19. RemixFTW
    I’m a moderator!
  20. Brian
    Brian Amy
    Level 92 and I reached 12105 trophies last week
    Team power 20406
    Clan contributions 14695
    I’m really looking for a more active clan and it looks like you may be just what I’m looking for.