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New Profile Posts

  1. Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson
    I can't get on to play.for some reason its saying I don't have internet when I do.
  2. Gildan
    Hatched my 2nd Bomb with a total investment of 6 silver tickets; doesn't quite beat the last time where it only took 3, but still!
    1. Gildan
      The previous Bomb event was also the first time I'd ever hatched the 2nd event bird, which was way more exciting because that was Matilda.
      Jun 13, 2018 at 6:59 PM
  3. Booser1
    Looking maybe to join a top 10 clan. currently lm level 178 with team at P9 and P8 minimum. Play 24/7 especially on events.
  4. Gildan
    Didn't quite manage the hat trick, but I DID get another 5-star Black bird during Flockabalooza.
    1. Tigerangels42038
      Which 5* Black Bird did you get Gildan? Ive been disappointed in the 5* Black Birds ive got, wondering if theres one i havent got yet thats better, thanks :)
      Jun 12, 2018
    2. Gildan
      Dutch, he's not amazing since he has a 3SS timer, but his Wide evolution has a fairly large blast radius.
      Jun 13, 2018 at 6:55 PM
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  5. Slimdaboy23
    Any Clans LVL 27 Or Higher Looking For New Members???
  6. Gildan
    Huzzah, DEDSW1N3 has joined the flock. I wonder if I can go 3 for 3 this event?
  7. RemixFTW
    These new birds might be really good!
  8. Gildan
    Lady Bacon has joined the collection, now to get her ready for use in the ongoing event.
  9. Gildan
    Acquired a 2nd Byron and Chuck during the Yellow event, huzzah for more things to level up.
  10. kiwiloganalt
    Annoyed at "bugfixes" turning into nerfs
  11. Gildan
    Done leveling Billy, now back to hoarding resources and readying shinies for use on upcoming event birds.
  12. Gildan
    Currently working on leveling up Billy the Blitz, so that he can sit in my collection and go on adventures more effectively.
  13. RemixFTW
    Got Annie (Early Threat) from Eagle Mountain today!
  14. kiwiloganalt
    Tired of playing angry bugs evolution want angry Birds evolution instead
  15. RemixFTW
    Finally got every bird on my team to prestige!
  16. Epic Buttstomp
    Epic Buttstomp Booser1
    You can only compete with the mob in the lower level leagues where people are using the weaker less stars birds. None of those cheaters / hackers want to go down there. Rewards are less so no point for them I guess. Play what you can and have fun.
  17. Epic Buttstomp
    Epic Buttstomp Booser1
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    2. Booser1
      Thanks for the 411, just frustrated dude, as I set my alarm to wake up every hour from midnight to 6am, only to find aforementioned up like 1-2k, literally impossible even with gems being utilized to play extra pvp. Oh well it is what it is.
      May 2, 2018
  18. Anitadye7
    Anitadye7 Keimpe1983
    I would like to join your clan. Me and my husband both we are both very active play all challenges. I’m on level 107 he is on level 99. Donate to clan and do all the daily tasks. My gaming name is byebyebirdie and his is wildkats. Need a more active clan with daily players. Thanks.. also we are both on legends 1 in pvp battle.
  19. DixieBooks
    Smelling bacon!
  20. Skit
    Finally got Matilda at 12x on a free hatch when I kept mumbling Matilda Matilda Matilda while the egg was hatching!