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New Profile Posts

  1. Booser1
    almost quit event, took 7 gold tickets and 40 premium hatch only have 3 gold left when I won Matilda, not even gonna think about Terrance
  2. RemixFTW
    Got a level 91 Thrash from Eagle Mountain! (He was Power Up Crowd Dive)
  3. Agentjoseph
    Anyone need a clan? 9 spots open
  4. kiwiloganalt
    Looking at white screen that is supposed to be Angry birds
  5. Jonathan Tapia
    Jonathan Tapia
    User name is Kingboss1323
  6. Jonathan Tapia
  7. Jonathan Tapia
    Jonathan Tapia
    Looking for a clan currently I’m level 15 and have birds 5 stars and Up
    1. ST33L0
      Apr 17, 2018 at 2:33 AM
  8. ST33L0
    Best way to level up your birds quickly
  9. Bloodkry
    I met this girl name Jenny and she gave me her phone number. It's 867-5309.
  10. Deja Dare
    Deja Dare
    All gr8 things come to thoughs that wait
  11. kiwiloganalt
    kiwiloganalt RemixFTW
    Wish this wasn't true
  12. RemixFTW
    The lag only gets worse...
  13. Shelly
    Recruiting, Rebuilding Clan, Looking for daily players ,Elders, Co-Leader
  14. Booser1
    Booser1 Epic Buttstomp
    Before I used to win my PVP rank in first place, I used to get 500 then multiplied by 6 = 3k in gems. Now Ive won 4 times the PVP rank in first, I no longer get the multiplier, all I get is 500 gems, whereas others in my clan get 3k in gems if they rank 1st or a 6 multiple if they come in 2nd or 3rd. Why did Rovio throttle my profile??? I am level 149 could it be a certain level?
    1. Epic Buttstomp
      Epic Buttstomp
      It is not multiply by 6. You gain 1 gem per points over last week personal max score of yours. This works until you reach 15000. After that you will get just 1 gem no matter how much you overtake your previous personal best.

      Let say you personal best last week was 6000 and you get to 7500 this week along with a win in your league. You will get 500 gems and 1500 gems.
      Apr 10, 2018
      Booser1 likes this.
    2. Booser1
      Thanks Epic, wish Rovio would hire you, I've asked this question about 3 times in the support page on the app and they never answered, my clan members also didn't know what was up either. Thanks again
      Apr 10, 2018
    3. Epic Buttstomp
      Epic Buttstomp
      I didn't know either until few weeks ago. I asked in the clan chat and someone in my clan told me.

      I believe there is a thread in this forum explaining the same thing. It is probably buried under the recent posts.
      Apr 10, 2018
  15. Rage Momma
    Rage Momma kullwarrior
    I am rebuilding Rage Momma clan. Would you be interested in becoming an elder to help run the clan. I am looking for an active player with knowledge of the game and ideas for the clan. Let me know
    Rage Momma
  16. Rage Momma
    Rage Momma Protamine
    Rage Momma clan is rebuilding. We are looking for active players and fun people
  17. Phildo
    Level 6 Clan Bacon Inc. Needs active/competitive players to rebuild established clan! I removed Min Lvl so if you're active jump in!
  18. RemixFTW
    I prefer the name Miffy over Fringy...
  19. Slimdaboy23
    Any way to see more than the top 25 clans on the leader board?
  20. putte
    putte Christy
    Morning Mrs QB. all well?
    1. Christy
      Oh yeah Mrs QB. Love it! Everything is good now that you found me
      Apr 1, 2018