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New Profile Posts

  1. Badal patel
    Badal patel
    How do I evolve my birds
  2. Nathaniel D Olson
  3. Angela Magee
    Angela Magee
    Looking for a clan..friends
  4. Noknoc
    y am i not recieving collected alien artifacts or pig noses in event n major pecker battles.Have collected quite a few n counter still on 0
  5. Witkacy [PL]
    Witkacy [PL]
    Eggs, Flocks & Rock 'N' Roll :)
  6. Gaugup
    Not got any 5 star bird till now,almost 6 months completed, please help
    1. Cowboysfan
      Help with what?
      Mar 13, 2018
  7. Skit
    Got Dutch with a free premium hatch!!! Feel very lucky!
  8. WilsonTheRedBird
    Worth a Bird of the day: Long air solo jaqcuie
  9. Agentjoseph
    I wonder who the leaders of all the awesome cojo clans are.
    1. Cowboysfan
      Whoever they are their cheating
      Mar 13, 2018
  10. RemixFTW
    Fire Rooster = OP
  11. WilsonTheRedBird
  12. Skit
    Just beat a 5 Chuck team in PVP :p
    1. Cowboysfan likes this.
    2. Agentjoseph
      Nicely done :)
      Mar 7, 2018
      Skit likes this.
    3. Cowboysfan
      5 chucks?! Who could do that?!
      Mar 9, 2018
      Skit likes this.
    4. Skit
      I know right! I thought I was screwed until the game sent the chucks diagonally and I started chuckling at my good luck!
      Mar 9, 2018
  13. Charlene
    Level 58 almost 59 looking for active clan
  14. Charlene
    Looking for high level clan
  15. RemixFTW
    RemixFTW Gatorops
    I just fought your PvP team and won!
  16. Booser1
    Booser1 Kektemps
    How active is your clan? what level is your clan on the NFL event?
    1. Kektemps
      Currently at 17693 with 24/35 players.

      Not super good , but that why we looking for good people , i'm at 1870 myself
      Feb 22, 2018
      Booser1 likes this.
    2. Booser1
      Thanks friend but I'm in a good level team right now hoping to get into better as more active than most
      Feb 22, 2018
  17. Kektemps
    Looking for active member , clan level 12 , join GRAMINÉS
  18. Yves
    10 tickets Premium !!!aucun a 5 étoiles ????25 tickets normaux aucun 4 étoiles ??? Expliquer moi???
  19. Dana38
    Level 24 Clan now recruiting: Poo Throwers Must be lvl 90 or higher and extremely active!
  20. Ryan Kisscool
    Ryan Kisscool BACON BUSTER
    Hi ! I finally find you. I wasn't on the right page.